Working as an advertising creative, what should I know?

Are you thinking about studying advertising creativity? Is your dream to work as a creative? In this article you will learn what it means work as an advertising creative, what its functions are, what options you have and what you need to achieve it.

What are creative jobs?

Creative work is the process of thinking about ideas, concepts, solutions, paths, to solve problems and achieve objectives. You don't have to know how to draw or be "funny" or "occurring." Creativity is a discipline that is learned with technique and a lot of practice.


What types of jobs for creatives exist?

The importance of creativity today has exceeded the limits of working only in an advertising agency. Today creativity has been incorporated into companies of all types, and why is this happening? In the world we live in, innovation is a quality that makes a difference. Advertising creatives have the ability to innovate, it is the basis of their work, which is why they are the fundamental piece in the world of innovation. Today a creative can work in an advertising agency but can also work in startups, traditional companies, in product development, user experience, innovation, and much more. Also, depending on where you have focused your specialization (art or copy) you can work on something more specific. For example, we have alumni art directors who work in the area of client design, others dedicate themselves to photography or illustration, and many work freelance or have their own company. The world has no limits if you know how to do things in a different way. We also have alumni who are copywriters and are dedicated to writing scripts for important production companies like Netflix, others who work in magazines, or who also have their own startup. Your creative skills will open the doors to everything you want to achieve. It's up to you to use them in the best way.

What is a creative duo?

Brief description of the form of creative work team

Although the professional future that awaits you as advertising creative It is not necessarily within an agency, you have to know that it is highly likely that you will go through one, since they are an excellent starting point to learn and enter the world of creativity.

What are the departments of an advertising agency and what is the job of each one?

For a start, Advertising agencies are divided into 3 large areas: creativity, planning and accounts. The people who work in accounts are the connector between the agency and the client: they deal with communication with them, economic negotiation, and are responsible for listening to and understanding them in order to correctly transmit both the client's wishes to the creatives and planners and explain correctly the ideas of the creatives so that they are approved by the client. The planning department is in charge of the research and strategy of the brands, they are the ones who get to know the consumer's desires and provide insights to develop creative concepts. Finally, the creative department is the one who makes the magic happen. The creatives have the ideas and bring them into reality in the form of graphics, videos, experiences or whatever they consider appropriate according to the brief.

The three areas are strongly related and none is above the other, they all work together like a perfect machinery to obtain the best possible result.


What are the processes like in advertising agencies?

Every creative works as a team, at Miami Ad School Madrid we support this methodology from the school, so that they work in the classroom as in the real world. That team that you will have will be made up of two people: the copywriter and the art director. Within the agency they will function as a unit and each one will contribute their specialization to the team. Below I will tell you the differences between them and what each one specifically does.

Art Director Job

The art director's job is to use creativity to capture ideas in the best visual way possible. There are no differences between an art director and a creative, art direction is a specialization within the creative career.

What to study to be an art director? You don't need to study a university degree to get a job as an art director. The most important thing is to have the best creative portfolio. That's why we recommend our Portfolio Program, a 1 to 2 year program in which you will develop your creative portfolio and do national and international internships to become the best art director.

If you do not yet have a degree and are interested in having a university degree, you can sign up for our Bachelor of Arts: A 3-year program, in collaboration with Solent University in Southampton, England, where the first 2 years you will do the Portfolio Program in Miami Ad School and the 3rd year you will do it in Solent, obtaining an English university degree of Bachelor of Arts with three specializations to choose from: Creative Enterprise, Media Production or Marketing and Advertising.

Creative Copy Work

The functions of the creative copywriter are similar to those of the art director, but in this case, the specialization focuses on creative writing. That is, its function is to capture ideas in texts. Likewise, as the art director, he works not only as a copy, but also as a creative, so a large part of his job is to think of ideas and solutions to the projects that are presented to him.

How to be a copywriter? As we explained previously, you do not need to enroll in a university degree to be a copywriter. In fact, if you studied advertising and wanted to be a creative copywriter, you would be very disappointed to see that the content of traditional universities is not focused on this area at all. Both copyists and artists must have a creative portfolio to look for work, that is why we also recommend our Portfolio Program to create your creative portfolio and our Bachelor of Arts to obtain your university degree.


How to find a couple

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts as soon as you start in this world is finding that person with whom to work the 100% of your time. That is why at Miami Ad School we insist that work in school like in the real world It is so important for the training of our students, because you will have the time necessary to experiment and get to know different people until you find who you want to work with. Above all, this is important since agencies, to ensure the best functioning of the team, in most cases hire pairs and not separate people.

Getting a job as a creative in an agency

If your dream is get a job as a creative In an agency you will need to meet certain requirements and follow the most appropriate path to achieve it. Below we will try to give you some advice and tips to keep in mind.

Benefits of working in a creative agency

As I said before, an agency is a great first step to finding your way into the professional world of creativity. Not only will you learn the work discipline but you will contact people who will open doors for you in the future. Besides you will have the infrastructure and the opportunities to enrich your portfolio with projects of magnitude.

How to make a good advertising portfolio

Good, Making a good advertising portfolio is the key to making yourself known. Creatives don't have resumes, they have portfolios in which their work speaks for them. That is why you will have to create a folder with your best pieces that will be your letter of introduction when looking for work. I know what you think: how can I get jobs done if I haven't worked yet? Well, that's what you will do in school, bring out the best in you to make a portfolio that stands out.

To make the best advertising portfolios it is important to take certain points into consideration. We recommend you read the article “8 tricks for your portfolio that will help you get a dream job” where you can see the advice of Pippa Seichrist, founder and director of Miami Ad School.

Personal characteristics of a good creative.

Not only is the quality of the work you present important, nowadays there is a lot of competition and you need to be able to make a difference. Create your own personal brand It will help you leave a mark and be remembered for something that differentiates you from the rest. It helps a lot to have a personal project since this shows proactivity and speaks to your personality as a creative and professional.

It is also very important to participate in festivals to have creative awards and recognition. In Miami Ad School Madrid We encourage the participation of all our students in festivals and competitions at a national and international level.. For this effort, our students make our school the most awarded in the world.


How to be a creative freelancer

The good thing about this profession is that you don't need any infrastructure to start. You can find your own clients and become a freelance creative. However, you must keep in mind that it is important to start by going through an agency since what you will learn there is unmatched and will be your kickstart for all your future projects.

Benefits and difficulties of being a freelance creative

  • You will manage your own schedules: work at the time you want It gives you a freedom that you won't have in any office. You can set your own times and decide when is your best time to work.
  • Creative freedom: you won't have any boss that prohibits you from presenting certain ideas. Of course, you will have a client who will surely be very demanding. You will have to learn to sell your own work on your own.
  • You will learn a lot: for better or for worse, work as a freelancer It will mean doing the work of an entire agency in one person, so you will learn everything from creativity to accounting, billing, accounts, etc.
  • Discipline: It is good to be able to manage your schedules but if you are not a disciplined person you can end up without time to do things or wasting your valuable time on other unimportant things. You have to learn to manage yourself like a company since your time is money.
  • You must find your own clients: you will have to be patient and know how to start little by little. Find permanent clients It is a very difficult job, luckily today with technological advances and globalization you have greater facilities, in this article You can see the different platforms that exist for freelancers.

Other job alternatives for creative people

There are other job alternatives for creative people that are not working within an agency. Today the world is moving faster and more and needs to adapt more and more to change and digital transformation, and creativity is considered an engine of change. That is why we see creative departments growing in traditional companies such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, etc. The user experience, product development and digital transformation Today they are in the hands of creativity, which is why you will have a melting pot of options when it comes to choosing.

Another option, in which creativity, advertising design and technology come together to face the increasingly advanced technological world in which we live, is to take the master's or postgraduate degree in graphic and technological design at Miami Ad School, in which you will learn everything you need to be an expert in the Design & Technology field.
In this technology and design course in Madrid you will combine creativity with computing, creative coding, user experience and technological innovation. You will learn graphic design in Madrid thanks to our weekly graphic and technological design classes at our school.
If you want to know more about the postgraduate degree at our school of graphic and technological design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advertising creativity courses

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