Bachelor in Advertising

Get your international university degree in 3 years doing what you love best

Starts in January | October

Portfolio Program + Advertising BA/BSc (Hons)

Now you can have a Bilingual Bachelor's Degree in Advertising + the Portfolio Program of Miami Ad School in 3 years.

The course has a total duration of 3 years. The first two years of the Portfolio Program take place entirely at Miami Ad School. The third year takes place at the Epsom Campus of the University for the Creative Arts.

Los primeros dos años tienen un costo de 22.000€ que se pueden pagar de forma mensual - 24 pagos de 917€ | trimestral - 8 pagos de 2750 € | anual - 2 pagos de 11.000 €

El tercer año, se abona directamente a UCA (University for the Creative Arts) y tiene un precio de 9.250£ para estudiantes residentes de la Unión Europea y 16.950£ para estudiantes internacionales. 

La matrícula tiene un coste de 300€ y tiene que abonarse para poder reservar la plaza.

You can start classes in January and October.

Binlingual or full english

What is included each year:

Year 1

You will spend the first year at the school in Madrid, learning the concepts you need to think about advertising campaigns, brand strategies and starting to learn the tools of the trade.

Some of the courses you will have are:

  • Ideas First
  • Ad Fundaments
  • Photography
  • Videostorytelling
  • Media
  • Design as a Tool
  • Typography
  • Storywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • WordPress
  • Indesign
  • Student Competitions

Year 2

In the second year you can continue taking classes all year in Madrid or go "Quarter Away" through the No.Mad Program.

What is the No.Mad Program?

During two quarters you can go to study in other schools in the network (Miami, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Berlin and Mumbai), or you can start living the working world by training in agencies around the world.

Some of the courses you will have are:

  • Digital Campaigns
  • Innovative Use of Media
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Industry Heroes
  • Student Competitions
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Personal Projects
  • Portfolio Class
  • Ideas Training
  • Poster Design
  • Design Competitions

At the end of the second year you will have a private Portfolio Program degree of high international prestige awarded by Miami Ad School Madrid.

Year 3

Tu tercer año lo cursarás en la University for the Creative Arts en la ciudad de Epsom a las afueras de Londres. 

Obtendrás el título de Advertising BA/BSc (Hons). Si quieres saber más clica aquí.


Do you want to get your International Degree?

Start in 2023

What will you learn in the Bachelor in Advertising?

Our goal is to offer you the best place to learn every day.

Specialize while enjoying. 0% Theory 100% Practice. We believe that creative professions are learned by enjoying while you practice. Putting in hours of work. Putting all your passion into it. Sharpening that talent you have inside and learning from the best.

Get your college degree and specialize in your passion.

An innovative program with the best of the Miami Ad School world and the guarantee and prestige of one of the best English universities, the Miami Ad School and the University of the Creative Arts.

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Why study your Bachelor at Miami Ad School?

Nuestro objetivo es ofrecerte una carrera práctica y prepararte para la industria creativa del mundo real.

Miami Ad School te abre las puertas del mundo gracias a los profesionales que imparten clase que son profesionales top de la industria, los meses que podrás aprender en otras escuelas de la red y la experiencia internacional que podrás tener en múltiples agencias.

International school of creativity

A network of schools present in 16 cities around the world.

Abre tus horizontes estudiando alrededor del mundo y estudia en hasta cinco ciudades distintas durante tu curso de Portfolio Program. Luego corona tu máster con un Bachelor 100% en inglés en UK, gananga una gran experiencia internacional.

Internships around the world

The NoM.AD Program

After spending at least one year (4 quarters) at your base school, you can participate in the NoM.AD program. This program gives students the opportunity to work and learn in up to four other cities around the world.

Imagine having client meetings in Atlanta, a photo shoot in Tokyo or brainstorming in New York. You'll work on the front lines and build your global network of professional contacts. Each quarter, we release a list of available opportunities to students. It's your gateway to the industry.

Many agencies around the world participate each year in our program and most of them are located in cities such as:

Advertising, Art Direction and Copywriting Teachers

The best professionals in the advertising industry will be at your disposal.


Vicente Navarro

Co-founder& Manager Director Abracadabra


Pranay Suri

Independent Creative

Carla Lucena

Carla Lucena

Independent Art Director and Illustrator


Juande Mingo

Design Tools Instructor


Mario Pagano


Manuel ridocci

Manuel Ridocci

Founder & Creative Director Studio Ridocci

How to Apply

Follow the next steps to complete your admission:

Step 1

Send us your information

Fill out the contract that you will find in the Admissions section and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport, and a certificate of your last studies.

Step 2

Choose your program and start date

Send us a certificate of your last studies
Step 3

Creative test

Show us who you are and how you think as a creative. Share with us examples of things you have created, or develop one of our creative exercises that you will find in the Admissions section. Finally, schedule a meeting to go over all the details with your Admission Advisor.

Step 4

Review and submit

Envía toda la información a Make sure that all your information is correct and that you have paid the registration fee (300€), we will contact you soon!

Apply now!

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Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Audiovisual Communication

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Bachelor Degrees

Step 1 - Personal information

Fill in the contract and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport. Download Contract

tep 2 - Academic background

Send us a certificate of your last studies

Step 3 - Creative Test

Send us at least four examples of any creative expression made by yourself. The work can be photography, painting, advertising, storytelling, illustration, animation, sculpture, design, etc. We want to see what media you are comfortable working with. If you have an online portfolio, send us the link.
Create a brand of beverages with original and fun bottles. Give it a name and describe the concept. Create 3 different flavors and a design for each one plus a promotional poster for your drink.
We want you to make two creative designs by putting together the words: "dog" and "car". Combine them, use your imagination and go further to create two designs that express these two ideas in one. The format? poster.

Step 4 - Personal interview

We want to know a little more about you, so we would like to have a personal interview with you, either at the school or by Skype. Decide what suits you best and we will arrange a day and time.

Step 5 - Book your place

We will provide you with all the bank details so that you can save yout spot. If you have any questions please call us at 917 540 375. Send us your data and all the materials here

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