Portfolio Programs

Start your creative career

What is the portfolio programs?

Our Portfolio Program is an advertising master that lasts 2 years (divided into 8 quarters) in which you will be able to develop your full creative potential. In Miami Ad School we want you to create a high quality portfolio that will enable you to present yourself and work in any advertising agency in the world and land a good job.

What makes us different?

Unlike other master courses, ours has a duration of two years. The time needed for you to win prizes in the best advertising festivals, go on an Exchange to a different country, work in an advertising agency to gain professional experience and develop a contact network that will open new doors for yo. We believe you learn by doing, by working hard and being passionate in everything you do.

We offer three different programs:

How long are the programs?

During your first year you will study in Madrid and on your second year you will be able to travel each of the 4 quarters to a different destination. You will learn about the world, the different ways of advertising in each culture and gain professional experience in the best agencies and schools of our network. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris… the world at your feet!