What to do and what to study to be an Account Manager or account executive

Account Manager, a perfect mix between business and creativity

This profession, which has existed for many years, has reinvented itself again and today is one of the most complete and necessary profiles to carry out almost any project in a company.

The Account Manager or account executive, as the name indicates, is the person responsible for managing an account or a brand. Today, an Account Manager is understood as someone who is dedicated to leading the projects of a company, brand or agency for different clients.

Very well, this definition probably seems very ambiguous to you and you are wondering exactly what the general and day-to-day functions of an account executive are.


Main functions of an Account Manager

At a global level, an Account Manager must guarantee the correct planning and execution of the strategies of a company or client, leading them towards success thanks to their qualities of negotiation and sharing between the different parties that are involved in the process.

Ok, all very well, but what does an Account Manager do on a daily basis? Miami Ad School trains students to work in the real world, theory is very good, but we want students to be able to insert themselves with practical knowledge into the world of work. That is why our courses are given by professionals who are actively working in the most important positions and companies worldwide.

To be a good Account Manager you must learn the daily processes that you will face and the participants and sectors that you will have to coordinate day by day. Here we give you a brief example of its main tasks:

A great Account Manager does not let routine and boredom establish their relationship with their clients.

He Account executive is responsible for maintaining the best relationships with clients. You must convey the trust, support and attention they need. They also have to be great seducers to ensure that working with your company and working on projects is enriching at all times. Creating excitement and desire to work in teams is vital.

Also, he is in charge of managing customer information. You have to be attentive to new trends and know the business in depth to anticipate market needs.

Another of his functions is to manage the team. It has to guarantee that everyone works in a synchronized manner and the client feels that the result is the result of a joint strategy.

Finally, it is responsible for the management and planning of strategies. The account manager has to ensure that the strategy is maintained and fulfilled, that the spirit of the brief is not lost and that the client has a unified understanding of the work carried out.

Profile of an Account Manager

As we have previously described, you will have seen that an account manager is something similar to an orchestra director, who knows each of the instruments and has general knowledge to be able to guide them as a whole in what will be a harmonious melody.

There are certain qualities and skills that we can consider basic to be able to perform these tasks successfully.

Skills of a good account executive.

  • Negotiation: The account executive or Account Manager is in constant contact with clients and suppliers, which is why it is important that they have the tact and intelligence to be able to negotiate with them.
  • Empathy: If you are going to be talking to people from different sectors, you will have to know how to connect with each of them, understand their needs and know how to face problems and solutions together.
  • Rigority: Your role is to lead the project, so you must be a guarantee that things are done perfectly, you must be on top of each of the processes to make sure that everything is on track.
  • Analytical capacity: The better you know how to interpret data, the greater your ability to establish trends and analyze results.

What do you have to study to be an account executive?

The majority of account executives have a university degree in subjects related to Business Administration and Management, Economics or Marketing. Many of them also add something extra by complementing their training with specialized courses or master's degrees in Account Manager.

One of the most requested options is study at Miami Ad School, where you will not only have class with the best professionals in the sector, but you will also be able to learn practically.

Career opportunities and work of an account executive

This profile is highly requested today. A person who can attend to all the focuses with a strategic sense is essential. The problem? Despite being a profile with increasing importance in companies, there is little quality training. This is where Miami Ad School, with all the experience it has in the advertising world, has decided to find a solution by offering a training course for this particular profile.


 Where can an account executive or Account Manager work?

With good training, an Account Manager can manage advertising agency projects as an account executive, or companies as a Brand Manager or Project Leader. In summary, an account manager is capable of adapting to any project given that he or she has a global knowledge of the brand fundamentals to carry out any strategy.

What do you have to study to be an account executive?

If you want to take your first step as an Account Manager, it is best to choose the Most Awarded Advertising School in the World. Not only will you have class with the best professionals in the sector, but you will also be able to learn practically.

Account Manager Course in Madrid

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Networking: it is true that in order to start working you need to get in touch with people who are in this world. What better way than to enter a school where you will be in constant contact with the leaders of the agencies and companies that hire profiles like yours.

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