Custom Courses and In-Company Training for Companies

Skills training in companies is a training strategy that is being implemented more and more in organizations with the best reputation. Keep reading and learn about the courses we offer to companies at Miami Ad School.

The importance of business training

Job training is a practice carried out by companies so that their employees can learn, develop or reinforce concepts and/or skills. that serve to improve performance within their field of work.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of skills that can be worked on: soft and hard.

The soft skills (soft skills) They refer to the reinforcement that is made to make communication and social ties effective in order to have a more pleasant work environment, while hard skills are those that seek to perfect technical aspects such as the management of some tool or program.

La formación para mejorar la competencia de los empleados

Yes ok The main objective of training in the company is to optimize the workforce, there are also other no less important objectives that are sought through this practice:

  • Create skills: provide knowledge and attitudes to improve job performance.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility: that human resources understand the definition of competitiveness in the company both personally and externally.
  • Update: With constant social, scientific and/or technological changes, training becomes very necessary for employees to stay up to date.
  • Improve intrapersonal relationships: Generating a good work environment among company members is key to obtaining better results.

Although each company must identify its own needs when carrying out the training, there is a diagrammed list with different business training programs which serve as reference:

  1. Induction programs: They are not only aimed at new employees but also at those more experienced employees who must learn new functions. Additionally, it is prudent that other people on the team also participate so that they are up to date and can understand the work process.
  2. Product programs: Whether it is machinery or a software tool, when a new product enters the company, employees must be trained to learn how it works. It is suggested to work on it both theoretically and practically.
  3. Soft skills programs: It helps a company's workers to be more integrated. As we have mentioned, a good work environment improves performance. It also works on other aspects of communication such as leadership, negotiation, patience and problem solving, among others.
  4. Customer service programs: Reference is made to the concept of client when talking about all those people or organizations that benefit from the company both internally and externally. What this training seeks is for the employee to be prepared to put on the company's shirt and stand up for it.
  5. Need programs-resolution: these trainings are aimed at obtaining answers to the emergence of concerns and aim at the resolution of specific problems or crisis situations.

Beneficios de la formación a medida en las empresas según las necesidades

Benefits of customized training in companies according to needs

There are multiple advantages of staff training for a company that are decisive when it comes to enhancing your human resources.

  • Provides new knowledge about positions and/or products
  • Increases morale and spirit of the work team
  • Generates identification in employees around objectives
  • Connect people with different hierarchical levels
  • Helps understand and adopt organizational policies
  • Streamlines problem solving and decision making
  • Build leaders and improve team relationships
  • Increase work efficiency and effectiveness

Training to improve employee competence

Competition among a company's employees is an unavoidable aspect in any organization. That is why work must be done to form and improve competition in teams.

It is worth mentioning that There are three types of competition: personal, internal and external.. Personality refers to self-improvement and obtaining increasingly better performance. For its part, internal competition is that which occurs between the employees of the same company, which is what the leaders of the organization must work with the most in pursuit of results and guaranteeing a good work environment. Finally, external competition is what a company has with others in the same industry, and it is in this where all human resources act as one to grow in the market.

Between the main advantages of improving skills through training There is an understanding of one's place in an organization and what are their possibilities for growth within it; the stimulation of the work spirit and trust with oneself and one's environment; and motivation in search of personal and group growth in search of better results.

El compromiso de los empleados y la formación en las organizaciones

It is important to highlight that the development of skills in the workplace prepares the body and mind to make a greater effort and thus obtain better performance. Have to know how to positively direct internal competition in your team and there where the role of leaders in this dynamic is fundamental so that the development of skills fosters creativity, unity between people and encourages behaviors that do not generate the opposite effect.

How does training promote Team Building and collective capabilities?

Team building, called Team Building In the business universe, it refers to all activities that have the objective of integrating the members of the same company. Training with Team Building is quite advantageous to establish the basic fundamentals when working in a group.

The greatest objective of Team Building is undoubtedly to increase productivity, but it has behind it many micro objectives that contribute to that productivity, such as keeping employees motivated and developing skills that improve their work dynamics.

Among the main benefits of training with Team Building stand out:

  • Team integration
  • The best in communication and group dynamics
  • Developing trust in the team
  • Creating and developing positive leaders
  • Increased creativity and motivation
  • Security in decision making
  • Managing stress and/or crisis situations

Cursos de formación a medida para empresas

Employee commitment and training in organizations

Employee commitment to the company's policies, projects and objectives must be aligned with their professional expectations so that their productivity is even greater. Job training and training programs are essential so that employees can feel part of the organization and with a motivated spirit that meshes within a team with the same objectives.

Tailored training courses for companies

At Miami Ad School we have already completed courses that we can adapt according to the needs of each company. In addition, we also have a trained team to evaluate business needs and develop tailored 100% courses. Training at Miami Ad School is financeable and eligible for subsidies through Fundación Tripartita.

Types of tailored courses for companies

Strategy courses for employee training

Miami Ad School has more than 15 years of experience in Strategy Courses. We have taken courses aimed at digital strategy, strategy applied to artificial intelligence and strategic planning, among many others.

La importancia de la capacitación empresarial

Business innovation courses

The business innovation courses at Miami Ad School, a pioneering school in this field, represent a differentiating factor within companies regarding the direction of products, services, strategies and solutions.

Business and professional creativity courses

Not only is Miami Ad School the most awarded creativity school in the world, but it also has 30 years training the most professionals recognized in creativity around the world. Many publicists, designers, photographers and entrepreneurs of high reputation in the industry have passed and recommend our school.

Do you want to know more about customized training at Miami Ad School? Find out about our courses for creativity, innovation and strategy employees in Madrid. We think, organize and carry out customized courses for companies, looking for the most suitable professionals, schedules, modality and dynamics that contribute most to the development of work teams.

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