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Creativity is an aptitude that, although it may seem complicated, can be developed with a few tricks. Therefore, we want to talk to you about the best online training options.

What is creativity?

We all already know the theory that the human being is creative by nature, we are born with that potential that is supposedly lost over the years by focusing on the different responsibilities that adult life requires.

If by some chance life existed on other planets and they came to visit us, which in these times can happen perfectly, the only thing they would be amazed at would be how our species has managed to extract all the creativity possible from everything around it.

¿Qué es la creatividad_

If, in the not too distant future, robots were created to do the work of a human, the only thing they could not replace, no matter how much progress is generated in science, would be our ability to generate ideas and ways to combine them to meet our needs.

Based on these catastrophic theories from a not-too-distant reality, we could say that creativity is our essence as human beings.

But what does the potential development of this gift that each and every one of us has innate consist of?

Most of the time we associate only the creativity in the field of art, when it is applicable to all disciplines. He creative thinking Its purpose is to go off the established path to achieve different results, to give the brain a hard time imagining possible future scenarios or creating other realities.

Nowadays, fortunately, Creativity is highly valued by companies and organizations that require innovation and new processes to do things. The landscape is changing and processes that encompass intertwined thoughts of ideas are required to generate changes and to be able to adapt to emerging needs.

At Miami Ad School Madrid we believe that the muscle of creativity can be developed and exercised like in a gym, and that is why it is the basis of all our training. We work in all possible creative environments with our students to help them every day to exercise and train new visions of reality, new inventions, new paths. No matter what course you take with us, its central axis will be creativity.

To develop this capacity of ours for creation and associations between thoughts, ideas and concepts that will allow us to reach different conclusions and purposes, we have some tools and procedures that make it easier for this to be carried out.

How is creativity developed?

Brainstorming or brainstorming: the most popular creativity technique

This technique is also known as Anglicism. brainstorming”. It is very popular and is usually performed between a group of people discussing ideas that arise spontaneously. This triggers a flow of thoughts into the air, without censorship, which can be independent or have a common link, thus some ideas inspire others.

There is no order, there are no filters, there is no criticism, there are no rules. Quantity is sought before quality. There is no judgment about whether there are good or bad ideas and everything that is said is somehow recorded. The group brainstorming sessions They usually lead to good results.

There are currently multiple digital platforms to be able to carry out a goodbrainstorming, here we suggest some:

  • Mindset
  • Stormboard
  • Popplet
  • Us
  • I look
  • Visual Thesaurus

Lateral thinking originated by Edward Bono

This concept refers to the search for problem resolution with unusual ideas and paths to solve them.

To put lateral thinking into practice, we must think about what could be instead of what is. You have to have an open mind to all possibilities. We must formulate general questions to detect the core of the problem or approach; and from there, see it from another angle than the one we are used to. Imagination is an essential component here.

¿Cómo se desarrolla la creatividad__

Mind maps: the “Big Picture” of an idea

We usually use them to put and glimpse concepts, ideas, words, tasks, readings, drawings and other things at once; All of them are normally linked to a central idea or key objective.

It is a very effective method to obtain information and memorize it. It is normally represented with images, colors, words... It is like seeing the “Big Picture” of a whole.

This technique helps us organize thought, allowing you to obtain a clearer and more global vision of things. It provides us with the agility to process the information we are working with.

Ishikawa or Cause-Effect Diagrams

It is also known for “Cause-Effect Diagram”, “Fishbone” or “6M”.

It helps us analyze the situations or problems we face. It puts in order where the situation comes from or what the origin of the problem is, and each and every one of the possible causes that could have generated it.

When you do it, a visual fishbone shape is generated, hence one of its names. It is generated by sharing ideas or thoughts of a group of multidisciplinary people, making brainstorming For example, and we start with a blank diagram where the problem is clearly written and from there all the categories that could have caused it, the causes.

We can identify these causes by questioning everything, for this we can use the 5W technique (Why, Who, When, Where, What)

It is also known as 6M, because when identifying the causes we can be guided by the following points:

  1. Labour
  2. Environment
  3. Materials
  4. Machines
  5. Measurement
  6. Methods

Best creative online courses

If the idea of adding that creative touch to your profile motivates you, it doesn't matter what sector you come from, our creativity training will make your head work in a different way.

It's like when an engineer uses certain processes and has his head structured and prepared to do certain types of tasks; Once you enter the Miami Ad School you will no longer be able to stop thinking and that muscle that you have generated, and the paths that you have learned, will accompany you for the rest of your days. With our Master of Strategic Advertising Creativity You will learn all the creativity and innovation techniques necessary to develop your professional career.

The advantage of our Creativity & Strategy Bootcamp is that it is an online master's degree with a duration of 5 months in which you will learn to develop advertising and communication campaigns for different media and formats, execute creative ideas and strategies... By studying and learning advertising creativity at our school you will create your comprehensive creative book to present your projects to future advertising agencies.

Los mejores cursos para desarrollar la creatividad

Online training to develop creativity

We offer courses more oriented towards professionals or people who want a powerful specialization in the creative field that adds to your career.

Thus, this year, we have launched our Master in Creativity and Innovation which has been very well received. In this master you will learn all the previously mentioned paths and many more, to get the most innovative ideas or solutions; You will work with a real client and in addition to your super final master's project, you will learn with the best creatives and with the “you learn by doing” methodology, and you will end up with a portfolio of cases carried out by you that will be your letter of introduction for future projects. job possibilities. In addition, this Master is recognized with a degree of EUniversity specialist in Advertising Creativity from the UEMC.

All our Masters have creativity as their backbone and we have been providing training to creatives from all over the world for many years.

Creativity & Strategy Bootcamp

With our experience and know-how, we have now also launched the Creativity & Strategy Bootcamp online. A program that integrates the best of the creative world with strategic notions of communication, carried out by the best professionals in the creative scene, it is 5 months of online training to develop a portfolio through cases and actions that will become part of your presentation letter. It is a course that requires hard work, hence its name Bootcamp, but it allows you, in 5 months and from wherever you are, to acquire all the necessary tools to go out into the world with different eyes and other ways of doing things.

This completely online course integrates the most innovative methodology so that the training of our students is complete and satisfactory.

We started this April and it is a course that also has the collaboration of the UEMC, which grants our students the title of University Specialist in Advertising Creativity, also giving you the possibility of doing internships at the end of your training.

Bachelor Marketing or Design London School

If you are going to start train yourself in the world of marketing or design, and you would be passionate work in advertising, our creativity school Miami Ad School has the university degree in which you will be able to study design or bilingual online marketing thanks to the union with the London School. You will learn through practice with creative work and from the best teachers. This university study of marketing or design (Bachelor Marketing or Design London School) will open the doors for you to occupy positions related to creative professions. Study creativity in Madrid or anywhere in the world thanks to this online degree.

Therefore, we encourage you to get to work and look for the course that best suits you to start developing all the creativity you have saved. See you at school!

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