Creative careers for creative jobs What are they and where to study them?

Creativity is increasingly making its way into professional profiles and, in recent times, job offers for purely creative profiles continue to increase. Therefore, we have decided to make a list of careers and creative jobs in Spain, and what the professionals of the future will need to be able to succeed in the work they are truly passionate about.

Why are more creatives needed in the world of work every day?

The world is changing faster and faster, so companies need profiles that are capable of adapting to the market evolution and take on the different challenges posed by new methodologies and needs that are emerging in companies. And to solve problems, there is nothing better than creativity.

What types of jobs are there for creative people?

Most jobs require some creativity. In general, any position demands new ways of solving a problem. However, there are certain jobs whose nature requires creativity as a fundamental element.
Based on a report published by the US Bureau of Labor StatisticsWe leave you a list of the main careers for creative people, grouped into three large sectors:
Artists – art directors, artisans, plastic and digital artists… Its function is to generate different aesthetic pieces with the intention of communicating beliefs, feelings or ideas. Art Directors are the most benefited job positions within this group according to social statistics of recent years. Not only is it one of the most in-demand artistic positions, but it is also one of the most economically valued creative jobs.
Designers – commercial, industrial, fashion, floral, graphics, interiors… They are those professionals who carry out original creations with an aesthetic or functional purpose. In almost all areas, designers are needed to put ideas that have emerged for certain products or services into practice: sketches, digital prototyping, etc.
Communicators: editors, writers, poets, journalists, advertisers, photographers... There are a large number of people who work in communication, whether behind a camera, behind a screen or behind a typewriter. Through words or images, whether static or moving, these creative workers manage to tell ideas and information in an attractive and original way.

At Miami Ad School Madrid we always try to make the adaptation of our international students to Spain as pleasant as possible. It doesn't matter if they want to stay with us for a long time, because they visit us in their Quarter Away from other schools in the network as part of their Portfolio Program. If you have any questions about the programs that you can study at our school or think that we have left out any important information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.


What are the best creative jobs

Depending on the area and geographical area in which you live and work, the same creative work may be valued better or worse. It is usually in metropolitan areas where the best valued products are found. creative trades at an economic level, although this factor could also vary depending on the industry in which the work is performed and the geographical area where it is carried out.
As a general rule, the training required for creative workers is a high school degree. Even for certain creative profiles, such as florists, artisans or fine artists, it is only required to have completed the mandatory secondary studies. However, not only is training recommended, but throughout their career, the creative worker will need to continually train in their field and in others, different and similar, in order to be able to carry out the creative techniques that will help them generate ideas or differentiating elements.

What type of university courses can you study if you are a creative person?

You may not feel identified with any of the job alternatives that are proposed throughout your training. Lawyer, consultant, engineer... As we have said, almost all of the job positions that exist require creativity in their daily lives, but there are especially creative careers, old and emerging now, that are especially suitable for people with high potential and creative restlessness.

The university careers of the future – original and creative.

In this section we are going to focus on those careers that have emerged in recent years. Job positions that appear motivated by the new needs and means that we have at our disposal today. Here you will find a list with various options new careers to study if you are creative:

  • Business Design: This job profile is responsible for the design of new business models, reorienting profiles such as Business Administration and Management or conventional Advertising degrees. What is required of these profiles is that they be able to apply creative talent in the direction and creation of business strategies. So that? To generate value.
  • Creative Advertising and Branding: This degree focuses on the purely creative aspects of the conventional Advertising degree. Creative profiles in advertising and branding will have the responsibility of combining communication, advertising and brand image, with multidisciplinary training that allows them to merge graphic and corporate design, trends in communication and customer management.
  • Transportation Design: They already warned us in Back to the Future: transportation would change, a lot. New fuels, energy saving systems, use of renewable energies and an enormous variety of new automotive projects demand the emergence of new profiles that design the transportation of the future.
  • Product Design: Like transportation design, product design comes from a conventional profile and becomes one of the profiles of the future. The products, aimed at home automation control. New spaces, new concepts and new design lines... product designers have a future full of work.
  • Interior design: Linked in many aspects to the previous design, spaces are condemned to evolve and adapt to the demands of new behavioral habits and lifestyles, so that more functional structures for life are generated. Technology, along with design, is fundamental in this profile.
  • Motion Graphics and Video: Although it is nothing new, it does have incredible expansion potential. This profession has evolved since the beginning of cinema, taking more and more weight in the final result of the piece. More and more elements are generated through computer software, instead of being recorded for later post-production.
  • Art direction: Above all the previous profiles, and as the basis of communication, both at the business level and at the individual level, we find the creative director, the one who combines arts and copy efforts so that general communication makes sense. Let's be honest, no matter how much technology evolves and the needs are different, creative directors will always be needed to bring a little cohesion to everything that happens around us.


The 4 careers with a university degree at Miami Ad School

In addition to our legendary Portfolio Program, at Miami Ad School Madrid we boast every year of carrying out our Bachelor of Arts with one of the most prestigious universities in Europe: Solent University. In this program, which lasts three years, you will have the opportunity to travel, work and study at the same time.
The first year you will study entirely at the Madrid school, receiving classes from the greatest active professionals in the creative and advertising industry. The second year you will have the option to move within the schools of the world wide web. You will continue studying and working, and destinations such as New York, Miami, Atlanta, Berlin, Toronto, and many more, will open their doors to you so you can soak up international culture and working methods.
The third year you will study at Solent University (Southampton), specializing in the modality you choose within the options we have: Creative Enterprise, Marketing with Advertising, Graphic Design and Media Production. With the combination of our Portfolio Program and the university quality of Solent, we manage to train all-round creatives, prepared to face any creative challenge in a professional and multidisciplinary way.

Creative Enterprise

This degree adds the skills necessary to become your own boss. You will learn to control and apply essential skills in marketing, finance and administration. Additionally, you will learn to work with the popular Canvas Business Model technique. With this, you will be able to manage the administrative and organizational aspects of your creative company.
Creative Enterprisa is offered within Solent Creatives, an internal agency where the student can continue developing their creative portfolio, while putting their entrepreneurial, business and freelance skills into practice, working with real companies and clients.

Marketing with advertising

It is expected to be one of the creative careers with more opportunities by 2020. With a practical 100% methodology, in Solent you will learn to develop creative concepts, simulate work in advertising agencies, learn to navigate the principles of marketing and account management, in addition to acquiring the skills you will need in market research, to be capable of collecting data effectively and truthfully.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers can find a place for their profile in marketing, advertising, web design and UX. The range of possibilities proposed for this profile is so wide that it would not make sense to limit it to specific positions. Furthermore, the changes that are being implemented at a social and labor level anticipate that these profiles will be in demand in more industries and areas than they are currently. In Solent, as well as submitting your work to the best design competitions, you will learn how to use high-end printing and design materials, such as Vandercook, intaglio and screen printing and engraving presses.

Media Production

Solent graduates in this degree are perfectly capable of carrying out audiovisual production projects, creating video and sound content for different platforms and, in general, have the most in-demand skill set in the audiovisual industry. With this bachelor you will become an audiovisual all-rounder and you will be able to take part in any project.

Wherever you go, you will have to show what you are capable of doing and how far your creativity goes. And it is almost better to reach that moment with a top portfolio that allows you to show what you do and how far you are capable of going. That is why our students Portfolio Program and Bachelor They become the most successful professionals in the industry year after year.

Do you still have doubts? Write to us at  with your questions and we will be happy to talk to you and guide you in your professional future.

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