Trend in online advertising courses: myths and truths

It is clear that times change, technology advances and the needs of society evolve. It is not strange that there is an increasingly greater offer of online courses in all areas; of course, also in advertising.

How to choose? Are they reliable? What do you have to take into account to choose a quality online marketing course? We tell you all the keys to get your training right.

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Choosing between an online and in-person course: which is better?

The first question that may arise is whether it is really worth investing in an online course or it is preferable to opt for traditional teaching, in a class, with a schedule and the company of a teacher. What advantages – and disadvantages – does each teaching style present?

Online courses: pros and cons

We begin our analysis with online training, which offers us very attractive advantages:

  • One of the most interesting benefits of studying remotely is the access it provides to recognized schools. Not everyone lives in big cities or has the possibility of studying at their dream academy. Thanks to the rise of the internet and the range of its training offering, it is becoming easier to access the training you want without having to travel.
  • Of course, even if you live in big cities like Madrid, London or New York, it is possible that your available time does not coincide with the class schedules in the place where you want to study. The freedom of schedules and flexibility to organize yourself is, without a doubt, another point in favor of online platforms.
  • The wide range of distance training, which we can access from our living room, offers us a very extensive range of durations and prices, so we can adapt the course that interests us to our budget. Of course, we remember the importance of prioritizing the quality of our studies.

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However, distance courses also have some drawbacks, including:

  • There will not be a teacher in front of us, an environment designed to avoid distractions, or classmates who inspire us with their willingness to study, so We need discipline and perseverance if we want to move forward with our training.
  • The range of online platforms is extensive and, furthermore, it does not stop growing, so we need to make sure we choose quality training, because what we want is to invest in ourselves, not throw our money in the trash.

Reasons to study in person

Of course, the traditional study method, in one class and a few schedules, also has a lot to offer us. These are its points in favor:

  • The teacher is with us, in the classroom, so in addition to answering questions instantly and explaining the syllabus as many times as we need, he will focus us and avoid distractions. Class hours are predetermined and there are no excuses not to take advantage of them. We do not need the discipline and perseverance that online training requires of us.
  • The contact and closeness of other students predispose us to get involved in the course, in addition, we can rely on them to establish study groups and share impressions.

The importance of Networking in a postgraduate, master's or course

Whatever training modality you choose, it is vital that it offers you the possibility of create your own network of contacts.

Establishing a professional network is very important when it comes to getting a job, since not all job offers are published. Meeting professionals in your sector will open a lot of doors for you, in addition, it will keep you up to date with the latest trends and it will be easier to obtain recommendations.

Make sure that the school you study at offers you Networking possibilities.

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The best schools and online course platforms

Online training has become an option to take into account, and one of the most interesting aspects is the advantage of being able to train with excellent professionals, without depending on your location of residence or schedules.

Education in recognized schools is an extremely important value to add not only to your resume, but to your professional and personal life. Technology offers you countless options to become who you really want to be.

Online marketing and advertising courses in Miami Ad School Madrid

At Miami Ad School Madrid you can find an interesting selection of courses, which prioritize practical training in which you will be able create your creative portfolio in addition to obtaining a wide network of contacts.

We offer training of different durations, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Likewise, you will have the peace of mind of having chosen a training center with an excellent reputation and professionals of magnificent teaching quality will accompany you along the way.

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If you decide to study online, take advantage of everything that a renowned center offers you.
Nowadays you have the privilege of enjoying the advantages of distance education with the warmth of in-person education. You can choose a center that combines its online platform with the possibility of going to a physical location where you can complement your training with personalized attention.

The Internet offers you a whole world of opportunities, also for your future. It depends on you how far you want to go.

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