What is advertising photography?

The advertising photography It is a part of advertising that is booming today. The figure of the advertising photographer is increasingly recognized as a key player in the marketing and advertising sector. For this reason, Miami Ad School trains its students with the best current techniques and methodologies at its advertising school in Madrid.


What is advertising photography?

Advertising photography is a strategy that, in recent years, has acquired great importance in marketing and advertising.. Currently, it is especially important in advertising campaigns, especially in written media and street posters, since they base the weight of the campaign on the image and the feelings it may provoke in the potential client.

Advertising photography is based on three objectives: announce, publicize and sell a product.. So it could be said that its target audience can be very broad, since it ranges from customers who know the product and are encouraged to buy it, as well as people who are not aware of the existence of the product.

Objectives of advertising photography

As has been explained, Among the objectives of advertising photography are to announce and publicize a certain product, all of this is done based on one premise: achieving an attractive image of the product, which attracts attention and is attractive to the eyes of potential clients and buyers.

However, it would not be wrong to say that The main and final objective of advertising photography direction is the final sale of the product.

Types of advertising photography

Depending on the objective pursued, as well as the product being advertised, Four main types of advertising photography can be differentiated. First of all, the corporate advertising photography which is one that works on the brand image. To do this, it is important that the image transmits the values of the brand in question, as well as, has the necessary quality.

Secondly, it differentiates product advertising photography. This makes a product known through images. For this reason, it is important to carry out prior work in which you decide the message you want to transmit clearly.

On the other hand, it is distinguished lifestyle advertising photography, which is based on emotions. It is very common nowadays, since it offers added value: an experience or situation with which anyone can identify.

Lastly, the food advertising photography, is the one that captures food. Normally, the objective is to publicize a new hospitality establishment or increase the notoriety of a restaurant.


Professional opportunities for Advertising Photography

Currently, as has been seen, Advertising photography has numerous creative career opportunities. The most common is to look for work in advertising agencies, in which, once the product and the message to be transmitted have been decided, as well as the target to which it is directed. The advertising photographer will carry out the creative work, and will take the perfect photograph with which the product reaches customers.

On the other hand, An advertising photographer can also work for a specific brand. In this case, their work will be more aimed at working on the brand image and transferring to the rest of the world those ideas and values with which the company wants to be identified.

Finally, A professional opportunity that, in recent years, is becoming very relevant among advertising photographers is freelance.. In this way, the advertising photographer does not work for any brand, and carries out the creative work that different companies and entities may demand of him.

Who should study Advertising Photography?

Studying advertising photography is the perfect option for all those students who find themselves in the situation of deciding where they want to direct their future work, and are clear that they want that future to be linked to creativity.

For those with concerns and interests related to advertising, wanting to develop your own creativity, it may be the perfect option. Creative and dynamic work will be carried out, in which you will have the opportunity to meet very experienced people in the sector. In addition, you can observe your own evolution with the passage of time and practice.


Study Advertising Photography at Miami Ad School

Definitely, One of the best options to study advertising photography is the Miami Ad School of advertising creativity in Madrid.. You will have the opportunity to attend classes from very experienced teachers in the advertising sector who are currently active thanks to our master of photographic production and cinematography.

In addition, you will be able to practice from day one and have very close contact with the sector. We have a network of international practices and agreements, with which you will have the opportunity to study at any of our locations around the world and live a unique experience while you study what you like most.

As explained, advertising photography is a good option for all those who want to exploit and work their creativity to the fullest. Studying in a good school is essential, therefore, Miami Ad School has everything you need to make your experience unforgettable.

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