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Mobile applications have become part of our daily lives. Currently, there are a large number of apps that intervene in our usual activities. Therefore, one of the strongest current digital marketing strategies is based on advertising through mobile applications.


What is advertising in Apps?

Currently, advertising in apps is one of the most worked digital marketing strategies and with a higher level of investment. The fundamental reason is the constant use of mobile applications on a daily basis.

Advertising in mobile apps is also known as In App Ads, and consists of automated ads, which can be presented in different formats and, currently, have positioned themselves as one of the most effective ways to carry out advertising campaigns.

Characteristics of advertising in Apps

Advertising in mobile applications has specific characteristics that make it, currently, one of the most effective models with the greatest reach. First of all, it is a direct advertising, that is, it allows a target audience segmentation and, therefore, directly impact the public interested in what is advertised.

It's a very accessible advertising model, since it simply requires users to access the Internet through their mobile phone, which, currently, can be done anywhere and at any time.

Furthermore, advertising in mobile applications uses a specific technology, known as Cross Device, which allows the identification of potential clients and, therefore, the impact on those interested clients.


Types of advertising in Apps

As mentioned above, the Advertising in mobile applications can be presented in different formats. Depending on the type of ad, as well as the product you want to advertise, one format or another will be more appropriate.

First of all, you can differentiate the banner. These are rectangular-shaped ads that can be located in different places in a mobile application. Also, advertising can be done in video format, in this case the content treated may be more complex. However, creativity is especially important, since we must try to ensure that the user is impacted by that content, and sees it in its entirety.

Furthermore, there are the native ads in mobile apps, which are those designed in such a way that they match the format, appearance and function of the application. So they convey the feeling of being part of it.

Lastly, they highlight the augmented reality ads. In this case, their design and format allows an eye-catching interaction with the user through their mobile phone.

Best applications to create advertising

There are numerous applications and programs to create advertising for mobile applications. Without a doubt, one of the most well-known and used is Canva. This graphic design program allows you to create advertising in different formats, giving priority to creativity. In addition, its use in a professional manner is highly recommended.

Another application to create advertising for apps is PhotoJet. In this case, the format used is always photography, from which we work to design and create eye-catching advertisements.

Finally, Easelly allows you to create infographics, which we can include in advertising in mobile applications, completely free of charge.


Advantages of advertising in mobile applications

As has been seen throughout the post, the Advertising in mobile applications has numerous benefits for brands that use this format. Firstly, it has a great reach, since, currently, millions of users use mobile applications every day that are already part of their daily lives.

Furthermore, it allows you to make a target audience segmentation and, based on the categorization of mobile applications, outline a user profile, which will allow a deeper knowledge of the user.

Lastly, advertising in mobile applications can be easily measured, as well as analyzing the benefits and losses that said advertisement is generating.

As explained above, advertising in mobile applications can have numerous advantages for the brand. However, it is important to give prominence to creativity and take into account the format that is going to be used.

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