Where to study marketing and advertising in Madrid?

Do you want to start or continue your professional development in marketing and you don't know where to start? We know that choosing the ideal place to do a master's or undergraduate degree is quite a challenge. Here we will help you answer some of your questions to make this important decision.

What is marketing and what is it for?

Marketing is the set of actions carried out by a company with the objective of attracting, retaining and building customer loyalty. Also know as marketing, this discipline encompasses all market research techniques that are carried out with the objective of knowing and meet consumer needs.

Qué salidas profesionales tiene la carrera de marketing

In simple words we can say that it is all the effort that the company makes in order to please the customer to increase its profits. Marketing covers all actions from market analysis, including the design of the communication and sales strategy, to its implementation.

There are many types of marketing, but today it is unthinkable to talk about the main characteristics of marketing without mentioning the importance ddigital marketing. Unlike the traditional one, this one incorporates all the analysis, promotion and sales strategies that take place over the Internet. Digital marketing has currently become one of the main pillars when it comes to promoting a brand efficiently.

What professional opportunities does a marketing career have?

In a totally globalized world, where every day it is more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competitor, the marketing career It has become one of the most requested by companies. Marketing goes through all the processes from segmenting the target audience and communicating the value of the product or service to the sale. For this reason, it also offers a wide variety of professional opportunities and specializations in which you can develop your career.

The positive thing about marketing covering all these processes is that it will give you the opportunity to choose between orientations much more related to data analysis or creativity. Within his extensive work experience we can mention some marketing professions such as: data and market analyst, communication manager, community manager, new client manager, art director, business development manager, inbound marketing specialist, copywriter and many others.

What marketing master's degree in Madrid to take?

In Madrid, being one of the most important cities in Spain, you will find a wide range of offers from universities, masters and other programs related to marketing. As we mentioned previously, there are many directions that you can give to your career in marketing. Therefore, it is important that, before choosing where you want to pursue your professional specialization, you decide what marketing branch is the one that is most interesting to you.

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If you want to deepen your knowledge in the creative area, it is best to direct your search to schools specialized in this. Well, if you don't want to dedicate yourself to the more numerical part, a master's degree in a traditional school will be very boring and boring and when you finish it you will not have learned anything you expected.

Inside of creative branch of marketing and advertising, among other options, you can opt for a Master of Art Direction or a Copywriting Master. These two branches of marketing and advertising work together to imagine and create advertising campaigns, content marketing, websites and to provide many other solutions to clients. If what you like and inspire is the creative side, these two masters may be interesting for you.

What is the publicity?

Advertising is defined as a set of strategies within marketing that are focused on disseminating products., services or brands, whose objective focuses on reaching a certain target audience and motivating them to make their purchase.

Advertising is a definition that involves much more than the purchase of a product, and it is an area that studies the function of social and cultural relationships, in addition to being understood as a reflection of society's trends and behavior of it.

Types of offline advertising

Despite the great expansion of online advertising, offline advertising is what is known as traditional advertising. This type of advertising is characterized by always being implemented in the mass media with the aim of reaching the maximum possible audience. It can be seen day to day in the physical environment around us. Advertising in the press, on radio, on television, are some of the formats available offline.

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Types of online advertising

Digital advertising is constantly evolving, so online marketing professionals must be constantly learning. Online advertising is a very broad channel that integrates various advertising formats, both audiovisual, radio and text. Advertising on networks, on websites and search engines, online videos and sponsored content are some of the various classifications that can be found in online advertising.

What are the main differences between marketing and advertising?

Having already clear what marketing is and what advertising is, it is very important to clarify certain aspects of each of them and know in depth the differences between both terms, although it is true that there is a very close relationship between marketing and advertising.

Difference between marketing objectives vs advertising objectives

On the one hand, marketing objectives focus on visibility and brand consolidation. They have a specific date, that is, they must be well defined from the beginning and be achievable and measurable, more commonly known as SMART goals in marketing.

On the other hand, advertising mainly seeks to sell, inform, remind and persuade the purchase of a company's or brand's products, ranging from the benefits of the products to the product launch stage.

A brand cannot achieve its objectives if it does not have a good marketing strategy that includes an advertising department.

Estudia en Miami Ad School_ la Escuela de Arte y Creatividad en Madrid

Master of Art Direction

In it art direction course To create your creative portfolio you will work with internationally recognized professionals. They will work with you to create your portfolio, so that you can fully explore your creative potential and acquire all the necessary tools to enter the job market.

Copywriting Master

Also guided by the best professionals and through this advertising writing course, you will become a top-level creative writer (or also called a copywriter). In the master's copywriting curriculum, it is specifically designed to give you all the resources that will make you an expert in the structure of speech and in the creation of good stories and impactful messages.

Marketing and advertising writing internships in Madrid

Another factor to take into account is that the place you choose to carry out your studies has an excellent internship program and a good level of job placement. By doing internships with successful companies, you will open your doors to an important network of contacts that will facilitate your future work. That the establishment where you study has a practical orientation will ensure a future with excellent marketing job offers.

Additionally, some schools offer the opportunity to continue your studies by doing internships in other countries in Europe, the US, Asia or Latin America, which will help you expand your international experience. At Miami Ad School Madrid we have internship agreements so that you can work with the best advertising agencies in Madrid and of the world.

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Study at Miami Ad School: the School of Art and Creativity in Madrid

While you decide which master's degree in marketing to pursue, we recommend that you also check out other possibilities. At Miami Ad School you have the best programs for creatives in Madrid and a wide variety of options to specialize. Here we are waiting for you to get the professional boost you need, learn from the best professionals in the industry and, above all, to dedicate yourself to what you like most.

We invite you to discover all the study programs offered by our school. Come study with us, the most awarded Advertising School in the world. If you have any questions, just contact our School of Marketing and Advertising.

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