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This article is about our master of advertising creativity. An increasingly multidisciplinary subject that begins to cover all types of companies and not just agencies. Innovation has become commonplace and all companies want to achieve this differential. We will try to tell you what it is, where you can work and what you need to know if your dream is to work in this.

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What is creative advertising?

Creative advertising is a way of communicating in an original, creative and innovative way the message that a company wants to convey.

Why study creative advertising?

If you are a restless, curious and multidisciplinary person, if you feel attracted to the world of art but also to the world of communication, you will find creative advertising a very stimulating discipline. If you are a creative person then this career will allow you to expand your skills to a higher level. If you're not creative, it doesn't matter! Creativity is a subject that is learned, and in our master's degree in creative advertising we will teach you everything about it.

If you're not creative, it doesn't matter! Creativity is a subject that is learned.

Creativity is not a moment of inspiration, it is a process of hard work that leads to innovative results. That is why it is correct to say that creativity is only 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration (hard work). In our master's degree in creative advertising we will teach you how to find innovative solutions to different problems presented by a company.

How to choose your master's degree in advertising?

Currently, the offer of courses and master's degrees in advertising, creativity, marketing, graphic design and other disciplines has grown exponentially in Spain. It is essential to know each center and the training level they offer to ensure training that is in accordance with the current needs of the market. You must analyze different factors that we will detail below to decide on study creative advertising and where to do it.

Learn creativity techniques

Within the course you will learn to use different creativity techniques that will help you in different parts of the creative process. These techniques will help you resolve situations using parallel thinking that proposes innovative solutions to a problem. We can describe 4 main techniques that you will use within the process both in school and in the rest of your professional life:

  1. Induction: This technique is carried out by choosing words that are related to the initial problem and looking for connectors between them. Once we establish the multiple connections between the words and the problem, we use them as a starting point to generate ideas.
  2. Mind map: It is an exploratory technique, which leads to understanding the problem and its ramifications in order to find better solutions.
  3. Sleep writing: Going to bed with a piece of paper and a pencil on your nightstand to write down everything that may arise in the middle of the night, those are the purest and most selfless thoughts. The next day you can discuss them with your work group and see the possibilities that idea could have.
  4. Brainstorming: the most famous of all techniques. It consists of a brainstorm, where the group contributes anything that comes to mind, regardless of its usefulness, to generate a number of ideas that can give rise to a better one. The best thing about this technique is losing shame since you don't know what thought (no matter how silly it may seem) can be the driver of a creative solution.

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You will learn to carry out creative campaigns

Creative campaigns are work processes that start from a creative brief and have different objectives or problems to solve for a brand. To carry out this, certain parameters are defined as a work guide that aims to reach a innovative concept that “solves” that problem.

Once you have the concept and the strategy is defined, it is important to make the respective adaptation to all the media that affect the brand, known as 360º innovation campaign: which cover the graphic design of the pieces, the tone used in the different communication channels, branding, corporate image, among others.

What are the types of advertising campaigns?

There are many advertising creativity books that deal with this topic so we could make an infinite list that describes the types of cases. We will try to summarize the types of advertising campaigns that can arise in the different stages of a brand's life cycle in 5.

  1. Launch advertising campaigns They are to announce that a new product or service hits the market. It can be one of the stages with the greatest investment since the product or service must be made known to the public.
  2. Maintenance advertising campaigns: When the product or service is already installed, it is important not to forget the importance of keeping that product in its position with respect to the competition, since if we forget this we will lose the positioning achieved in the market.
  3. Reactivation campaigns: There are stages in the life of a product in which it is necessary to give it a specific push, either due to a decline due to a crisis or because it is an important time to stand out.
  4. Product or service relaunch campaigns: They are also known as re-branding campaigns and serve to announce a substantial change in the product or service, such as the image, name, components, etc.
  5. Strong sales campaigns: They are specific campaigns to announce promotions, offers, or short-term benefits.

The best advertisements and effective advertising creativity

The big problem today is the advertising noise that is part of our lives. We can find advertising in everything that is part of our daily lives. The user has begun to pay extra for their services to remove advertising. The public begins to choose the type of advertising they want to see and decides that it is only that which interests them both practically as well as at the level of learning, general interest or fun.

For this reason not only It is important to be more creative and conceptual, but rather knowing closely the user, the product and how the brand wants to relate to it.

Here we leave you some examples of spectacular advertisements made by former students of the Miami Ad School Madrid. You can also see the creative works of our students on our website. Here are some examples:

How to work in a creative agency?

To know how to work in a creative agency you have to know the roles you can play and what each job entails. Below we will tell you what they are the types of jobs you can find in a creative advertising agency.

Roles in creative advertising agencies

  1. Creativity: This department covers many disciplines. Mainly we are going to divide everything into two branches: art direction (see our Master in Art Direction) and copywriting (Master of writing advertising). These two work as a duo and constantly feed each other. This is where the magic happens, here the efforts of all the teams come together in a great advertising campaign concept.
  2. Graphic design: We could include it within the creative department but we left it out since it is a more technical than conceptual type of work. They are the ones in charge of capturing the ideas for the different formats, whether it is packaging, an adaptation of creative art to different measures and even media (such as online banners, gif animations, etc.).
  3. Planning: It is the department responsible for preparing a good creative brief, providing knowledge of insights, users, and consumer experience, which allows creatives to do their work.
  4. Accounts: They are the ones who serve as mediators between the agency and the client, they have to take into account the requests of both, manage them and have knowledge of everything that happens in the creative process to be able to guide everyone along a path in which they agree. agreement between clients, planners and creatives.

Finding work as a creative

Finding work as a creative is not an easy task if no one has told you how the industry works. To begin with, it is not enough to study advertising to be creative. For any interview you do to work as a creative, you do not necessarily need to show a degree or a resume. The most important is have your creative portfolio ready. What is a creative portfolio? It's a portfolio of creative work that shows your full potential. In our master in creative advertising you will be able to create a portfolio that stands out and then obtain the job of your dreams.

Creativity schools in Madrid

You will wonder what and where you have to study to learn to be creative and get a job doing it. There are many options for creative courses and schools in Madrid that teach different disciplines about advertising creativity.

Miami Ad School is the most complete advertising creativity school in terms of education, opportunities, internationality, innovation, and much more. We are the school with the most awards internationally: that will give you prestige and you will also have teachers both in Madrid and in the rest of the schools in the network who will make you create an essential network of contacts to work wherever you want.

Estudiar el máster de publicidad creativa en Madrid

Master's degrees in advertising creativity with more opportunities

Today the 99% of our students have a safe job opportunity. More than 15 years ago we implemented Portfolio Review Night: an event in which more than 30 companies come to interview our students. Everyone has the possibility of doing at least 10 interviews in a day and showing off with the best companies they want to work for.

Who is this advertising course aimed at?

It is not necessary to be creative to study at Miami Ad SchoolYou don't need to know how to draw, take photos or be a great artist either. We will teach you to think creatively and the tools to carry out your ideas. You will learn how to advertise and do it in the real world, we will guide you step by step so that you can create a portfolio that stands out from your competition. With our exchange and mentoring programs, you will create a huge network of contacts that will help you look for work once you graduate.

If you want to do a Master in Creative Advertising, without a doubt Miami Ad School Madrid is the best option for you.

Contact our art school and we will tell you everything you want to know!

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