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You may have finished high school and are interested in studying advertising and you want to understand what it is, what the career covers and how its respective specializations are divided. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know to decide.

Why study advertising?

Many choose this career because it is “fun”, sometimes it may seem like studying advertising is easy. This is not true, it is a discipline that requires a lot of effort, work and perseverance. You have to understand that it is a job that covers thousands of disciplines on which you can focus and which you will undoubtedly have to continue training throughout your entire professional career. Keep reading this article and you will be convinced of why you have to study advertising.

Dónde estudiar publicidad

Advertising Degree

Let's start talking about this: Advertising is a job in which you learn by “doing”. As it has grown so much over the last few decades and become so important, universities have developed programs to include this subject within their university degree offerings. This has given a great academic level to the profession since the university can give the professional an important cultural base that stands out. However, if you have just obtained a degree in advertising and are thinking of entering an advertising agency, you will find yourself lost and you will think that you have not learned anything. Why is this happening? Well, because of what we told you at the beginning: the advertising is such a broad discipline that you could not cover all its ramifications with just one degree.

Being a publicist is something that has remained in the 90s and that with globalization and the advancement of technology and communication has changed dramatically in the last 15 years.

Why is it important to have a Degree in Advertising?

Well, as I mentioned, it is a fundamental starting point to enter this world and obtain an educational base to then specialize in a branch. You have to keep in mind that we are still in a culture in which degrees have a certain importance and obtaining a degree is a tool to later look for a job or do a master's or postgraduate degree.

At Miami Ad School Madrid we offer a combined degree program, unique in Spain, along with the Southampton Solent University, in which you will have a practical learning of advertising 100%, where you will do internships in agencies, and you will have the opportunity to study and work abroad. Find out more about the Bachelor of Arts on our website!

What is studied in advertising?

As I mentioned before, there are two types of degrees in advertising: one is to study at a traditional university and theoretical 100% and another is to complete the degree at Miami Ad School with the “Real World” methodology. Below I will briefly differentiate what is studied in the advertising career in each of these modalities.

Traditional and theoretical advertising career

Here you will get a very generic notion of what Advertising is. You will have subjects such as “Communication Theory”, “Law”, “Economics”, “History”, “Statistics”, etc. It is always good to learn, although you should not create false expectations: you will not be the most competitive professionally if you do not complete a specialization later. If what What you like is making ads, writing, creative thinking, design or art direction, then you will undoubtedly be disappointed since there is no content of this type in the Traditional Advertising Career.

Modern Advertising Career

What we do at Miami Ad School is focus on a single area of Advertising, which makes the degree much more competitive once completed. 100% is focused on practice, you work with active professionals in the industry and do internships in the best advertising agencies in the world. You experience the profession from the front row, which gives you access to generating a wide network of contacts that will help you look for work.

We will teach you the trade but with a background of methodology and conceptualization that you will learn from the best instructors. When you finish your degree, you will move within the advertising industry with knowledge and skill that you will obtain here.

Cómo es estudiar publicidad

Where to study advertising?

Studying in Spain where creativity is recognized for its acuity is a luxury, advertising and marketing in Madrid have a higher level and nothing to envy the rest of the world. However, this world is increasingly globalized and a global vision of the industry is needed. The opportunity to study abroad, do internships in other countries and learn about other cultures and markets will expand your horizons exponentially.

Advertising universities in Spain

If what you are interested in is doing a very generic degree in its content, you can study at any university in Spain. If what you want to have is an innovative career, graduate with the best possibilities, with the ability to work and with knowledge of the trade, don't ask yourself any more. where to study advertising: Miami Ad School Madrid is the only advertising school that teaches the trade and you can also obtain a university and international degree.

Advertising career: professional opportunities

To choose a career, it is a very good exercise to think about the work you will do in the future. That will help you choose it. Many times we are asked about what opportunities there are for a career in advertising and we find that very few know what the world holds after studying. That is why in this section I will tell you a little about the possibilities you have in this world so that you can evaluate if you are interested.

I will talk specifically about the professional opportunities you have after obtaining your university degree at Miami Ad School. Eye! which is not the same as any other traditional degree.

After studying at Miami Ad School you will be able to work not only in an advertising agency in the creative department (this can be either as a copywriter or art director). Every day more companies incorporate creativity in their different areas, so you can be in companies in their creativity, design, product development, etc. departments.

Currently we have students who work in fashion companies conceptualizing campaigns, carrying out graphic campaigns, students in magazines generating content, students in large production companies writing scripts for series, students with event organization companies and entrepreneurs everywhere, but the important thing is that all of our alumni currently have a job. And the vast majority have the job they have dreamed of.

Estudiar publicidad

A publicist is a professional of multiple disciplines, your future has no limits

Our innovative Bachelor of Arts program consists of two years at our school in Madrid and a third year at Solent University in Southampton. Within the first years you will be able to travel to study and work in other cities with our Quarter Away system: to find work the best decision may be to go to those countries where you can also strengthen your English. Your last year will be completely in the UK, this training in the British city of Southampton is extendable to the entire European territory: You will obtain an official international title.

At which university should you study advertising abroad?

Here we share an article from Reason Why magazine where you can see a list of Universities to study advertising and marketing abroad, among which are Solent University and Miami Ad School Madrid along with all the locations where you can do Quarter Away (more than 25 international destinations). Studying at a university outside of Spain is possible thanks to the combined programs we offer at Miami Ad School Madrid.

At Miami Ad School we are committed to the educational quality and professional future of all our students. We constantly adapt to the industry and are always guided by the top professionals on the market. The awards won are a simple example of the quality of the work of our students and where our alumni work they show us that the effort of working hard pays off.

If you are interested in studying advertising, contact us and we will call you to tell you everything in detail. You can come see the school and participate in a class to understand what we teach.

Get to know our advertising and creativity courses and masters before you run out of your place!

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