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There are many students who want to immerse themselves in the world of ideas, professionals who seek to enhance their creative skills or companies that want to train their team to obtain better performance at the brand level. At Miami Ad School, the most awarded creative school in the world, we have the experience of the best professionals in the industry and an extensive program full of diverse proposals according to the need and search of each person. Discover them in this post.

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What is miami ad school? Worldwide presence

Miami Ad School is the best international school of ideas dedicated to promoting creative education. Founded in 1993 by Pippa and Ron Seichrist, over time we have created a learning model that mixes creative inspiration with real-world experience and we have already taken it to 16 cities around the world. Our unique educational concept combines realistic training (from practicing professionals) with hands-on experiences at groundbreaking agencies, brands and advertising organizations around the world.

Year after year, our students win more awards than any other creative school. It's a testament to the way our instructors go above and beyond, pushing students to develop new skills and then showcase themselves. Miami Ad School teachers are industry professionals, from global networks like Ogilvy, Sapient, 360i and R/GA, smaller agencies like Droga5, Cutwater and Alma, or global companies like Google and Instagram, among others.

At Miami Ad School you will work on real creative projects from day one. All of our teachers are working professionals and will teach you how to think of good ideas and concepts to create the most brilliant and innovative campaigns. When you finish your creative training, you will have the skills and experience to be able to work in the best companies in the creative industry.

The Miami Ad School Program was designed with the goal of helping young creatives build successful careers. In all cases, the instructors are working industry professionals and the curriculum is shaped around skills actually used in the industry. The question is: WHAT PROGRAM TO CHOOSE?

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Masters and postgraduate degrees

The main objective of the Masters and Postgraduate Degrees at Miami Ad School is to create a creative portfolio and a complete professional profile to be able to function in the real world with a job as soon as the student graduates. Among them are:

  • Portfolio Programs by Art Direction and Copywriting
  • Local Masters by Art Direction, Copywrinting, Creativity & Innovation, and Strategy & Creativity

He Portfolio Program It is a 2-year master's degree in advertising (divided into 8 quarters) in which you will develop all your creative potential. Once the first year at the Madrid school is over, you can continue with your portfolio at the same school or at any of the schools available in our network around the world..

This is an incredible experience in which you will work with creatives and students from other countries, acquiring a more global vision of advertising and taking your portfolio to another level. You can also do Interships (internships) in the best national and international agencies, expanding your possibilities and network of contacts at a national and international level.

On the other hand, our Local MasterThey last 1 year + 6 months of internship (in Spain). These are courses in which you will learn to conceptualize, generate creative ideas, sell them, execute them in all media and create a high-level creative portfolio. This program has a double degree: the local Miami Ad School Master's degree in Art Direction + Own University Degree in Creativity from the UEMC.

Once you graduate from the Local Master, you have the possibility of doing up to 6 months of internships in Spanish agencies and companies. thanks to our agreement with the Miguel de Cervantes European University, through which you can obtain the title of Expert in Advertising Creativity (as long as you have previously completed said internships and have an official university degree).

Degree courses

Miami ad School degree courses are designed to obtain your international degree in 3 years doing what you like most and also create a creative portfolio to access the best companies in the creative industry. We currently have two options

  • Bachelor of Arts: Solent University
  • Bachelor London School

Thanks to the English university degree created jointly by Miami Ad School Madrid and Solent University, studying Marketing and Advertising, Audiovisual Production, Graphic Design or Creative Business in a practical, bilingual and international way is possible.

By taking this degree you will obtain a double degree: the Portfolio Program diploma (2 years in which you will create a portfolio full of creative pieces, with international professional opportunities and a wide network of contacts) and an official English Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Media Production or Graphic Design.

For its part, the program that adds the forces of London School and Miami Ad School includes a Bilingual Bachelor in Design or Marketing + the Miami Ad School Portfolio Program. This hybrid program (face-to-face and online) has the English bachelor's degree (Bachelor Hons) offered by the prestigious “University of the Creative Arts” (UCA), recognized as one of the best in the United Kingdom.

This innovative program has the best in the world of Miami Ad School and the guarantee and prestige of one of the best English universities. You can do it from Spain and obtain a double degree: the Portfolio Program diploma from Miami Ad School + the official English degree title Bachelor whit Honors in Marketing or Design.

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Bootcamps are short-term intensive programs Aimed at industry professionals looking to give their business a boost. creative career. They work with real clients to hone skills by exploring and solving real-world problems for a client. By completing this program you will be able to graduate with the Miami Ad School certificate in just 12 weeks.

We currently have two programs of this type:

  • Creative Strategic Planning
  • Design Thinking & Innovation

Our Bootcamp for Strategic Planning has been developed by internationally successful planners to cover the specific needs of this discipline. This Bootcamp trains 25 people, intuitive by nature, and turns them into authentic strategic planning machines. On your graduation day, professionals from the best agencies nationwide will attend so you can show your book and have the opportunity to make yourself known in up to 30 agencies.

As for the Bootcamp in Design Thinking & Innovation, the objective is to facilitate a more human connection with the world and enhance the values of organizations to discover new business models in services, products, strategies and cultures of organizations. Furthermore, during your training in this program you will be able to make the best network of contacts for your professional development.

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Online Programs

At the same time, We have different Online Programs in Spanish for professionals who seek to enhance their creative skills at their own pace and from wherever they want.. These are:

  • Branded Content
  • Digital Strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence for Brands

The Branded Content online Master teaches you how to create content for brands during 11 masterclasses, more than 100 lessons and with the best professionals in the sector. Each Masterclass is made up of 10 tips of around 10 minutes and is taught by a different instructor. In each Masterclass we will offer you the keys to knowledge bluntly and directly to the point.

For your part, the intensive online Master in Digital Strategy was created by successful professionals with the aim of teaching other workers in the sector the keys to developing effective and creative digital strategies for brand building on a small and large scale.. Once you have completed this course, you will be able to develop digital strategies as a team from scratch.

Regarding the Artificial Intelligence for Brands online program, it is a pioneering program that generates a bridge between the impact of artificial intelligence on business and brand building. with a triple vision: creative, technological and business. In it, you mainly learn how to use artificial intelligence within the marketing and ideas industry.

Training courses for companies

Finally, at Miami Ad School we also have courses on Strategy, Innovation and Creativity for Companies. Given the need to offer a training service to companies so that their teams learn to introduce creativity and innovation into their way of working, we created the Miami in Company project.

We think, organize and carry out customized courses for companies, looking for the most suitable professionals, the schedules, modality and dynamics that contribute the most to the development of work teams.. Some companies that have already trusted Miami Ad School and continue to do so are Sony Music, BBVA, Santalucía Seguros and Leroy Merlin, among others.

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In our site You can find more information about each of the Miami Ad School programs to help you make the best decision. If you want to enroll or ask us any questions, please contact contact with our advisors so you can tell us what you would like to study and we will inform you. The time to reach your creative potential is now! Study at the most awarded school in the world.

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