Branded Content or Branded Content: what it is and why it is important

Branded Content is a concept that is gaining greater importance today, since it generates personalized content for clients and users. It is a professional opportunity with great opportunities, which is why complete training is important to allow incorporation into a marketing team.

What is Branded Content?

He Branded Content is a marketing technique in which the brand creates its own content, It is about creating personalized advertising for the consumer. What is sought is for the consumer to associate the brand with experiences, that is, to appeal to feelings. It is also known as Branded content.

Branded Content is characterized by being a advertising with greater value, less intrusive and with an emotional component.

Qué es el Branded Content

Differences between Branded Content and Advertising

On many occasions, Branded Content can be confused with traditional Advertising, however, there are fundamental differences between one and the other. First of all, advertising is always planned in the short term, while the Branded Content sets long-term objectives.

On the other hand, the final objective of advertising is the sale of a product, however, the main objective of Branded Content is customer loyalty, that is, creating a long-term relationship with the customer.

Origin of Branded Content

Branded Content is acquiring greater importance in authority, but it is a concept that has been carried out in the marketing sector for decades. The first Branded Content reference of which there is evidence is from 1900, when André Michelin created a guide with tips for all the people who had to wait for a wheel to be replaced on a road. In this way, what is known today as the Michelin Guide was born, a reference at a gastronomic level, but linked, from its origins, to the road and automobiles.

Furthermore, in 1929 the Chamber of Spinach Producers, conducted a marketing strategy to encourage the consumption of spinach among the younger population. For this they created the character of Popeye. In this way, an association was sought between the consumption of spinach and a strong and healthy body.

Importance of Branded Content today

Nowadays, Branded Content is increasingly important, since helps the brand create engagement, that is, lasting relationships with your clients. Furthermore, this is linked to greater customer loyalty.

Furthermore, as explained, Branded Content promotes the association of a brand with an experience.

Consejos para crear el mejor Branded ContentReasons to study a Branded Content course/master

Currently, studying a course or master's degree in Branded Content is a guarantee for the future, since it is the form of advertising that has gained greater weight in recent years. Furthermore, this training opens up a wide range of professional opportunities.

Increasingly, brands are seeking greater personalization, that is, creating content that is more identified with their values and philosophy. Therefore, the profile of an expert in Branded Content is increasingly in demand.

Best Branded Content masters and courses

When choosing a master's degree or Brand Content course, it is important to take into account certain aspects that guarantee that the training will be complete and will prepare the student for entering the world of work.

Taking these aspects into account, first of all, the training and experience of the teachers in the Branded Content sector. Furthermore, it is recommended that the school or center offer the student the possibility of doing internships in a company, with the aim of applying all the knowledge acquired.

At Miami Ad School, we have a Creative Branded Content Online Module, composed of eleven masterclasses and more than 100 lessons. We have the best teachers, experienced professionals in the sector, who will be able to provide students with first-hand experiences.

Additionally, at our school, we have a network of Creative Branded Content practices based in different cities around the world, which will allow our students a first contact with the sector, led by the most inclusive professionals in the creative industry.

Professional opportunities for Branded Content

As explained, the professional opportunities for Brand Content are very diverse and increasingly broader, due to the importance it is currently acquiring. One of the The most common outlets are digital marketing, since there are multiple profiles.

Furthermore, after having studied a master's degree in Branded Content, the student will be prepared to join a team as a Branded Content Specialist or Manager. Your main function will be to create and manage brand content, with the aim of creating affinity and customer loyalty.

Mejores másters de Branded Content

What should good brand content look like?

To carry out good Branded Content, it is important to take into account certain aspects that make the project fulfill its function. First of all it must be original and dynamic, with the aim of awakening interest in the client, through a differentiating way of communicating.

In addition, it is recommended that it be adaptable to different devices, in order to reach a larger audience, and personalized for the target you want to target. To do this, a prior study can be carried out, which allows for more personalized content.

How to create the best Branded Content?

When creating brand content, it is important to assess certain aspects that will allow you to create differentiating content. First of all, It is important that it entertains and awakens emotions in the consumer, in addition to providing useful information. For this, it is important that it be personalized content, which is created after carrying out an in-depth study of the target it is going to address.

It is important that the main objective is not to sell a product, since then the objective of customer loyalty takes a backseat.

 As has been seen, good Branded Content can offer many advantages to build customer loyalty and, with this, create a positive brand image, which allows the brand to be associated with an experience or an experience.

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