Master in service design thinking: what it is, how it is applied and where to study

The world has always been a constantly changing place, but today, those changes seem to be accelerating more and more. This dizzying pace directly impacts our way of thinking, creating and communicating. Therefore, it is essential to stay up to date, updated and prepared to face the challenges that this new era brings with it. In this context, it is crucial to develop creative disciplines on innovation and strategic design, such as Service Design Thinking.

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What is service design?

Service Design is a creative and strategic discipline which focuses on designing and improving the customer experience in the provision of services. It goes beyond visual appearance and focuses on understanding the user's needs and wants to create practical and memorable solutions.

By combining elements of design, research and innovation, Service Design seeks to create coherent, effective and attractive experiences that generate a positive impact on users and the business.. It is one of the main keys to offering services that surprise, satisfy and build customer loyalty.

Over time, this methodology has become established due to the growing importance of customer experience in business. Currently, Service Design is essential because competition in the market has intensified and companies seek to stand out by offering outstanding experiences.

Differences between Design Thinking and Service Design

Although both Service Design and Design Thinking share the term "design" in their name, they are two different approaches to address problems and generate innovative solutions.

While Design Thinking is a broad methodology that can be applied to a variety of contexts, Service Design focuses specifically on designing user experiences and optimizing service delivery. In other words, Service Design is presented as a more specialized approach within the framework of Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a creative process that places emphasis on deeply understanding user needs, challenging assumptions, exploring ideas, and iteratively prototyping solutions; while Service Design focuses specifically on designing each interaction and point of contact between the client and the service offered, with the aim of creating coherent and satisfactory experiences.

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How is Design Thinking applied in services?

Design Thinking is a powerful tool to discover opportunities and generate innovative ideas in projects. Its focus is on plan and organize, guiding the creative process. It also uses tools and techniques to discover crucial findings, follow a common thread, and enhance creativity and analysis.

This powerful methodology also fosters empathy with the customer and is responsible for creating memorable experiences, improving user satisfaction and generating a positive impact on the business.

Design Thinking becomes an invaluable resource for designers and business leaders who seek to stand out in a competitive and constantly changing market. With its user-centered approach and ability to discover innovative solutions, it is a key tool for success in service design.

Service Design and Design Thinking as a solution

Planning, listening, empathizing and executing with accurate data always takes us on the right path. Whether you focus on the exciting world of Service Design or rely on powerful Design Thinking, both are good bets..

What is truly important is to have a trained work team to design with the needs of the people who will enjoy the product or service in mind, without forgetting what the business needs to thrive. Thus, impactful experiences and solutions that transcend the limits of convention will be achieved.

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Job opportunities for Service Design Thinking

Service Design Thinking offers a vast field of job opportunities for those who master this creative discipline.. Service Design Thinking professionals can find employment in a variety of industries, from technology and finance to healthcare and entertainment.

Their ability to design exceptional user experiences and improve service delivery makes them highly sought after by companies that value innovation and customer satisfaction. Besides, They can play roles such as Service Designers, UX Designers, Service Strategists and Consultants, leading transformative projects and making a difference in the market.

Why do companies need a service designer?

In a world where customer experience is key to business success, Having a Senior Service Designer has become essential. These professionals have the ability to see the big picture and understand user needs in depth. From creating memorable experiences to optimizing existing services, a Service Designer guides companies in creating customer-centric solutions.

His strategic and creative approach allows organizations to stand out in a competitive market and connect emotionally with their customers. A Service Designer is a facilitator of innovation and growth, leading companies towards a more successful and user-focused future.

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Jobs you can apply for after your master's degree in Service Design Thinking

After completing a Master in Service Design Thinking, the doors are opened to a wide range of job opportunities. The knowledge acquired in this creative discipline will allow you to stand out in key roles within different industries, providing innovative and user-centered solutions.

Some job options you can apply for are:

  • UX Researcher
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Digital project manager
  • Service Designer
  • Strategic Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Innovation consultant
  • Design project manager

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