D&AD Awards 2019

D&AD Awards Winners

We share the winning pieces at D&AD Awards 2019.

Mars Farm – Heinz

Art Directors: Nacho González
Copywriter: Lucas Dangavs
Pencil: Yellow

The Uncool Sponsorship – Adnams

Art Directors: Natasha Primanik & Alba García
Copywriter: Kings of León
Pencil: Yellow

The Recycled Campaign – Adnams

Art Directors: Adila Fataliyeva & Adriana de Oliveira
Copywriter: Isha Sharma
Pencil: Graphite

Afterwork Place – Workplace by Facebook

Art Directors: Esther Casas
Copywriter: Ross Norton & Javi García
Pencil: Graphite

The Woman Card – McKinsey The Case For Her

Art Director: Bárbara Tabara
Copywriter: Carolina Soto
Pencil: Wood

May Dance – Rexona

Art Directors: Amaia Santiago & Fran Pascual
Pencil: Wood

The Crapy Whopper – Burger King

Art Directors: Amaia Santiago, Fran Pascual & Sofía Proenza
Pencil: Wood

The Everywhere Office – Workplace by Facebook

Art Directors: Amaia Santiago, Fran Pascual & Sofia Proenza
Pencil: Wood

Crown This – Coutts

Art Directors: Marta Bañón
Copywriter: Jorge Botti
Pencil: Wood

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