How to be a creative copywriter: writing techniques and functions

The ability to write creative text is one of the Most important skills of an editor/copywriter. Although being creative and having a great imagination are essential requirements, a copy You also have to learn and seek inspiration: if the muses don't come to you, you will have to go to them.

In this post we will explain several techniques that we teach our Miami Ad School students of advertising writing in Madrid to write brilliant copywriting texts, and we hope that at the end of this article you will be a complete Cervantes.


We recommend that, while reading this blog post, you take a look at some of the Postgraduate degrees in advertising writing and/or copywriting that we offer at Miami Ad School. If you are looking to become an expert in copywriting, we offer you two options depending on the time you have:

Copywriting and advertising writing course in Madrid

  • 2-year Portfolio Program
  • Portfolio Program Diploma in Copywriting
  • Own university degree in Creativity

Master of copywriting in Madrid

  • 1 year duration
  • 3 internships in a Spanish company
  • Creative Book

In both studies, you will have the opportunity to learn advertising writing and copywriting in Madrid thanks to the advertising creativity classes taught by the great professionals in the sector. Your creativity and writing techniques merge to create innovative texts that attract the attention of your future consumers. Don't think twice and start studying copywriting or advertising writing in Madrid with Miami Ad School.

What is and how does a copywriter work?

What to study to be a creative editor?

Successful copywriters don't fall from the sky. Before following a creative writing career It is important to train and become familiar with the profession.

There are several pieces of knowledge that are essential, and in which you will have to train if you want to be a competent editor. Market analysis (positioning, competition, audience, product/service to sell, value proposition...), writing, storytelling and narrative techniques... These are some of the many skills with which you have to feel comfortable.

Likewise, persuasive writing, sales and advertising techniques are also super important for an editor.

Normally, a copy He works with his art direction duo with whom he thinks, creates and executes ideas for advertising campaigns, websites, content marketing, spots... So you can look for work in advertising agencies.

If your goal is to choose correctly where to study to be a Copywriter prestigious, and you live in Madrid, there is no better place where you can train than Miami Ad School.

caracteristicas-de-un-copywitter-creativoDevelop creative writing in a copywriting, advertising and creativity school in Madrid

The place you choose for your training depends entirely on you and how you want to position yourself as a professional.

A good copywriter must have a firm understanding of current events, culture and texts and campaigns that have to do with what is contemporary and relevant. A professional copywriter knows thousands of texts by heart, both from movies and television shows, even from viral YouTube videos.

There are several creative writing schools in Madrid, highlighting among them Miami Ad School. Based on a completely hands-on learning method, Miami Ad School courses are a combination of mentoring by industry professionals and working on projects and presentations.

We firmly believe that without practice you cannot learn, which is why our program includes a minimum of 3 months of internship and a maximum of 6 months of internship, depending on the course chosen.

Curriculum of the creative advertising writer course

At Miami Ad School we have more than 25 years of experience training industry professionals. Over the years we have been perfecting the classes we teach on copywriting and advertising writing in Madrid. Ideas first, video storytelling, digital imaging, story writing, everything is media, interactive media production, editorial writing and portfolio development are some of the many classes we offer here.

There is no doubt that if you take these subjects and put in the necessary work, you will not only become a creative writing professional, but you will finish your studies with a smartphone full of contacts and connections that you have formed throughout your two years. (or year) in Miami, contacts that can help you find a job.

Basic writing concepts that every copywriter should know

Key copywriting principles to implement

Learn how to do copywriting It is something that does not come naturally, it is necessary to train by reading, interacting and exposing yourself to different types of media and advertising.

In Spain, the majority of creative writing found focuses on media, texts and images associated with Spanish culture. Although this is very good if you are looking to work in Madrid, for us it is crucial that you have an understanding of a global and international market. For this reason, we see it as completely necessary to train you in person and online with students from other countries, teachers from all over the world, and international topics. Staying only local is so 2003.

copywriting y copywriter creativo

How to get started in copywriting?

Decided. You want to become a copywriter 10. You start studying copywriting through different texts and audiovisual images, but you feel that knowing some tricks to start writing would be good for you. We are here to help you.

exist 6 keys to copywriting which we find very important to create good creative writing. Starting with relevance & engagement. We all understand that living in the age of technology and social networks, the public (consumer) is the one who has the power and not the company that is promoted. From this phenomenon has arisen the need to connect with the customer. This intrapersonal connection that is created between the promotional material and the client is called engagement or interaction. Rule number one of engagements: be specific and always remember who you are talking to, and for what purpose.

“On average, the headline is read five times more than the body of the text, so by the time you have written the headline you will have already spent 80 cents on a dollar” Daniel Ogilvy

  • An attractive title is another necessary key to competitive copy. The title is the first impression, with the title you will have invested 80% of your money, the remaining 20% is the body. Remember, be brief, it is not recommended that you overdo it, the consumer's attention span is short and is consumed quickly.

For example, to advertise a lawnmower, we could title it:

How to cut grass?

We could also name it:

The super guide on how to mow your lawn: everything you've always wanted to know but never dared to ask.

You see the difference?

  • Next key: the close style. This refers to using writing techniques that make the reader feel connected to you or your product. The use of pronouns, the warm tone of narration, and the use of personal stories in the narration are all methods that help the reader find a connection with the text. These factors create a familiar and nostalgic environment.
  • Finally, it is essential to understand and never forget who the reader/consumer is. As long as you are clear about who the consumer is, you will come up with more and more cajoling techniques, but it is important that you never forget these hacks.


Writer, author, creator, thinker, journalist, editor. All of these terms fall under the same umbrella, but not all of these terms require the same formation. It is very important, if you are thinking of devoting yourself professionally to creative writing, that you develop yourself in a serious and professional way. It is important that you look for a training center that reflects what you want your work to convey.

If you want your portfolio to demonstrate an international, young, dynamic scope... you should look for a copywriting and advertising writing school in Madrid that resembles this. An academy where they allow you to travel, expose you to ideas from all over the world and soak up all cultures.

At Miami Ad School you can train with the best creatives in the industry with our postgraduate in advertising writing in Madrid. Active professionals in the sector will be your teachers and will help you create a book of great value that will allow you to enter the professional market. Throughout this master's degree at Miami Ad School you will have the opportunity to make a powerful network of contacts with professionals and companies in the sector. The decision is yours, so choose wisely.

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