How to show your profile in a job interview

We are all going to go through the interview process. No matter how much experience you have or how prepared you are, doing a perfect interview is incredibly difficult. Although we cannot do the interview for you, we can guide you on the right path. From the cover letter, to a 10 resume, to how to sell yourself to a future boss, we help you!

Keys to designing a good CV to find a job

The resume is one of the most important components to stand out from your competition in the job market. Before starting to talk about the interview, it is crucial to have a prepared and successful resume.

Claves-para-diseñar-un-buen-cv-para-encontrar-trabajo.Information that should not be missing in a professional resume

How to stand out? Easy. First of all, there is certain information that cannot be missing. It is necessary that you present your skills in your resume. Skills are the abilities you possess that differentiate you from your competition.

Some of the skills most sought after by employers are: languages, you adaptability, your communicative skills, organizational, as you work as a team and as of proactive are you. When you are writing your CV it is worth including these parts, whether in a type of summary about yourself at the beginning, in a separate section or in the descriptions of each job you have had.

Apart from your aptitudes, you also need to emphasize your skills. What is the difference between a skill and an aptitude? Well, a skill refers to a person's ability to do something easily and correctly. This refers to skills that come naturally to you. Initiative, teamwork, your leadership skills, your creativity... are some of the many skills that are attractive to the person who is going to hire you.

Now you know some of the things you should include in your resume, but what if it happens that you have never made a CV? DO NOT PANIC! We have all been in that situation. It is recommended that before applying for a job, you compare your CV with some other template. Fortunately we live in an era where access to the internet is as simple as pressing a button, but for the little athlete on duty who doesn't fancy surfing the net, we have found these platforms where you can find a multitude of templates:

  1. Create your CV online with this multifunctional builder
  2. On this platform you can Create your CV in three quick and easy steps.
  3. Infojobs, as the main job search network in Spain, gives you ideas for how to make your CV with updated and attractive templates.

Cómo-preparar-una-entrevista-de-trabajo-de-forma-adecuadaHow to prepare for a job interview properly

Well, we now have a presentable and well-rounded resume. They call us from the job we apply for. They want an interview. I repeat, DON'T PANIC, but it's time to prepare. You start to sweat. Don't worry, once again, we've got you covered.

Types of job interviews that you should prepare

Depending on the type of job you apply for, you will have one type of interview or another. The most common interviews are the face-to-face interview, the videoconference interview and the telephone interview. Although there are many more types, these are the most common and the ones you will probably encounter throughout your professional career.

How to pass a job interview successfully

Starting with the in-person interview, or face to face, there are several factors that you should take into account to prepare. Although we are experiencing an extraordinary situation, and video call interviews have increased by 150%, there may always be an exception to being asked to come in person for an interview.

Before your interview, it is super important that you do prior research on the company, your position and your interviewer. Studying it is not only professional, but it inspires confidence in your interviewer, both because you give the image that you care about the company and that you have taken time out of your day to investigate him, making him feel valued.

Our second piece of advice is that before the interview you follow the company on social networks and if they have a blog as well. This demonstrates loyalty and reflects a modern mentality, in line with a contemporary society, and interest in the success of the company (since they have gained a free follower, meaning that you are reducing their marketing costs).

Whether for a face-to-face interview, by videoconference or by telephone, it is very important that you have planned questions that you are going to ask the interviewer. This not only shows interest in the position, but it also shows that you have been thinking about and preparing for the interview and that you are serious about it.

Just as you should prepare questions, you should be prepared to be asked “compromising” questions. This refers to questions like: “What do you consider your weaknesses to be?” What is something you think we should improve? What do you think a candidate can offer that you can't offer us?” Think about it, come up with an answer, and learn it. Wait for the unexpected.

Being rested and arriving early for the interview are also two points that you cannot forget, the body is a machine that needs rest to function well, and no one likes to wait for anyone.

Now based on the physical, appearances DO matter. If you are going to interview in person, it is important that you keep in mind that your body language says a lot about you as an individual. Even if you are scared to death, never show it. Remember to always maintain a straight posture and both feet on the floor, do not sit on your hands and make sure to smile a lot. Pretend confidence until you end up believing it yourself!

It is important to realize that sometimes Yeah that a book is judged by its cover. Make yourself pretty, comb your hair and wash your face well. Pick your favorite shirt and bottoms combo and go formal. If you look like you're worth a million dollars, you'll feel like a million dollars.

The tips we have mentioned here are suitable for in-person, video or telephone interviews. Even so, certain points need to be emphasized, such as ensuring that the videoconferencing technology works well. The internet connection, audio-check, and camera check are all factors that you should take into account and that you should ensure that they work well.

Consejos-para-vender-tu-perfil-en-una-entrevista-de-trabajoTips to sell your profile in a job interview

We already have the interview confirmed. You are going up the floors in the company elevator. You feel your heart in your throat. You start to get nervous but you remember that you really have nothing to worry about because you have read this article.

How to behave in front of the interviewer

The art of selling is something that is learned and that we can all practice and improve. As much as selling your resume or your boss, the most important thing is self-confidence and knowing yourself. Before the interview I recommend that you prepare a elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch is a short, intense and effective speech with a clear message. The original idea of the North American fantasy that one day you got on an elevator and in it you met a manager or client with whom you could start the business of your life. When presenting yourself at the interview, your main goal is for the interviewer to be amazed by you, and not to forget about you. To achieve that, you have to be very clear about how to sell yourself. The easiest way to do this is by knowing: your strengths, your competition, your differentiating factors, and the reason why your idea is more powerful than any of the thousand that may have been presented to you. When you have these 5 things clear, go ahead and without fear!

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Use this post as a manual, have faith in yourself and commit the world, yes, you are already worth it.

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