The importance of Networking in the world of Advertising and Digital Marketing

Creating a network of contacts in the area in which we want to develop professionally is essential. A person who has built a good contact book will have five times more chances of finding a job in the sector that interests them and, in addition, will have more options to guarantee professional growth.

What is networking and what is it for?

We can consider networking as a work strategy that consists of generating a solid network of contacts around the professional field in which we want to develop, in order to facilitate and ensure the achievement of work objectives in the future. However, it is not enough to meet with those people we want to get closer to, or attend the same event as them. This would not make sense, since networking would simply become a social meeting, and its work usefulness would be relegated.

The key to networking is to set specific objectives for each event we attend. Job opportunities. Manage to establish contact with a relevant person in the area you want to discuss and, in addition, set objectives for that conversation. Set goals before a meeting It helps us address only relevant topics, and if we do it for the daily meetings at our jobs, why shouldn't we do it to consolidate and improve our network of contacts?


How does networking benefit you on a professional level?

Networking offers countless profiles advantages and benefits in their professional development. The fact of having a network of contacts solid can help us in many more ways than we could initially imagine. By expanding our network of contacts, we not only manage to provide a greater visibility to our projects and our logos, but we will have managed to have a greater knowledge of the industry to which we direct our efforts and, therefore, we will be more concise when receiving and launching employment or collaboration proposals.

This work strategy is completely basic in the case of some profiles, such as entrepreneurs. Taking a company forward from its foundations is, in any case, complex, slow and dizzying. But, let's be honest, if you start your company with a portfolio of clients that will ensure you a minimum income for (at least) the short term, the situation becomes much more affordable. The same will happen at the level of suppliers and many other elements that surround, directly and indirectly, our company.

But like entrepreneurs, many other profiles need networking to speed up their professional development, or they will run the risk of staying stagnant. In fact, there are very few jobs today that do not require networking to be able to promote themselves within their industry.

The fact that you do not need networking within a job does not mean that you cannot obtain countless benefits from it. By starting conversations with professionals in your same sector, you generate exchanges of ideas that can become interesting projects, both on a personal level, as well as at work or even of social relevance. By sharing data, we will have the ability to reach conclusions much faster, since we will contrast information with similar or complementary profiles, and this will help us develop our professional profile.

Keys and tips for networking effectively

We can start networking from our first college class. Before that moment, all the relationships we have with the people around us will help us to generate links and relationships that in the long term can be beneficial for us at work. However, it is not until we enter university that we can begin to solidify our network of contacts and direct it toward a specific goal. Because? Because it will be at that moment when we begin to be clear about the path we want our professional life to take and, therefore, we can begin to set goals regarding these connections.

We must be clear that networking is a tool that we have throughout our working lives, and curiously it is one of those tools that the more it is used, the better it works. Therefore, it is important Do not neglect this part and work on both maintaining and increasing our network of contacts.. Networking from our workplace is one of the most widespread and accessible strategies, since it is a appropriate showcase to demonstrate our work skills.

However, there are many other environments that allow us develop our personal brand. A good example is digital platforms, which are currently so widespread, but any event is a good time to strengthen our network of contacts. In fact, one of the most useful tips to improve our networking is to change professional environments: Moving through new circles ensures that you will leave your comfort zone and will have the opportunity to meet new profiles and projects..


Digital platforms for networking

For years now, it has been an essential requirement for any company or user to have a online job profile. The tools that technology offers us are increasingly numerous, and we must take advantage of as many as possible to solidify and expand our network of contacts. Below we leave you our list of favorite networking apps:

LinkedIn: It is one of the most used platforms in many aspects of the workplace. It's a great medium to generate networking, since in addition to allowing you to generate connections with people around you, like the rest of social networks, it makes different discussion and interest groups available to users, which give the profiles the possibility of sharing their point of view and give visibility to your projects or opinions. One of the advantages of LinkedIn over the rest is that since it is the most widespread among the population, the networking possibilities are significantly expanded..

Ripple: even the developers of the famous dating app Tinder They have developed their own work app: Ripple Networking. According to their creators, they have a lot experience connecting like-minded peoples, and now they are going to use all that knowledge to make our work lives easier. Although it is not yet available for the App Store in Spain, it is already active in some countries and we will soon be able to have job matches in Spain.

Shapr: based on the information we enter about our interests, goals and geographic location, The application suggests profiles of other users that might interest us and, in the style of the previous application, we will swipe right if we want to include the person in our network of contacts or, on the contrary, if we are not interested in that profile, we will swipe left and the candidate will be discarded.

As a last piece of advice, we recommend that you be active on as many social networking networks as possible. Each social network enhances certain aspects of the profiles and has a different use from the others, so take advantage of what each one offers and you will see your network of contacts grow exponentially.

How to network at social events

On their graduation day, our students from Portfolio Program and the Bachelor of Arts they have a meeting with the best advertising agencies in the country in our school from Madrid: the Portfolio Review. On a rotating basis, students interview with the Creative and Human Resources Directors of companies such as Sony Music, Sra. Rushmore, McCann, Proximity... and many others that accompany us every year to review the portfolios of our students and select those who will be the creatives of the industry in the coming years.

Networking is a key piece in the Miami Ad School philosophy. In all our programs, we give our students the opportunity to meet countless professionals in the sector where they want to develop professionally, whether as teachers, in practical workshops, as seminarians or at graduation events..

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