Media Production

Bachelor’s Degree in Media Production

Why study Media Production?

With the Solent University Media Production program you will improve your content creation skills and learn the multidisciplinary skill set you are looking for in the audiovisual industry.

What degree do I get and how long does it last?

Once the studies are finished, you will obtain the Portfolio Program Diploma in Art Direction or Copywriting from Miami Ad School and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Enterprise of Solent University. The program is divided into three years:

FIRST YEAR: you will learn the essential knowledge about creativity at the Miami Ad School Madrid.

SECOND YEAR: you will have the possibility to travel and continue training in any of the Miami Ad School schools or in any of the companies with which we have agreements internationally during one or two quarters.

THIRD YEAR: you will study in Southampton (UK) at Solent University, where you will complete the Creative Enterprise specialization.

Start in october!

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Where could you work?

Graduates are perfectly trained to work in audiovisual production, creation of video and sound content, content creation for social networks, public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing, direction and production of film, photography, radio, marketing, sales or research.

The production block will give you the opportunity to develop and improve the skills in video production, online content, photography and sound. You will use the latest hardware to create exciting projects just as you will do in your real work.

The second block will teach you about the work of the producer and help you develop a broader creative vision of the generation of ideas, storytelling, how to generate engagement and how to use social networks effectively. You will also learn about production logistics and the most effective ways to sell ideas to potential customers.

The final chapter focuses on employability, ensuring that you graduate fully prepared to work. You can undertake a learning period based on real work, produce content for a professional brief and understand what it is to work as a creative in today’s media industries.

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During the course you will learn to use a wide variety of the latest generation of video and television, photography, audio and online equipment, as well as widely used applications and software in the industry. You can use loan material such as high-definition video cameras and full-frame DSLR cameras.

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You will train with high-level facilities, a highly experienced teaching team and an emphasis on real-world learning..

With three television studios with transmission quality and the latest in production equipment, the technical facilities of Solent University are cutting-edge, which guarantees that you learn the technical skills that production professionals are looking for. You will also have the Solent virtual platform that provides online access to homework, notes, suggested reading and other course information.

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