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What is Quarter Away?

A period of time of 3 months (approx.) in which you can leave your base school to visit other schools in the network, other agencies and other countries. Study in Madrid in the first year and in the second year, you can choose to go to up to 4 different destinations to study and work.

Where to study?

The first four quarters you study in your home school, from the second year on you can continue in your home school or in any of the other 12 schools participating in the Quarter Away program which gives you the possibility to participate in an Agency Lab or an Internship.

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Base School

You can travel and visit up to 5 Miami Ad Schools in different cities around the world.


Intern Lab

If you already have an amazing portfolio you can have the experience of doing your internship 100% of the time in an agency as a real professional.


Agency Lab

You will not only travel to other schools, but you will alternate your classes with internships in the city where you are.



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