International experience

Study or intern in up to five different cities

What is a Quarter Away?

It’s a three month period in wich you can study in other schools of the network and work in agencies we partner all over the wold

Where to study?

The first four quarters you will stay on your base school to make a solid portfolio. The second year you will chose between more than 30 options to travel and study

3 Quarter Away modalities

Base School

Travel to any of the schools of the network to study

Agency Lab

Half of your classes are in an agency and half at Miami Ad School

Intern Lab

Intern Labs allow students to get real-world experience with guidance


“I first started in the east coast of the United States. Then I flew to the city that never sleeps where I had the opportunity to do an agency lab at Ogilvy & Mather; after that, I was working at TBWA NY. The experience was pure magic”
Nuria Guther
Intern TBWA New York

“Mi first school was in San Francisco, then I jumped into DMG-Beijing and finished my portfolio in Brooklyn where I finally got an intern lab at Ogilvy Hong Kong”
Alex Herrer
TBWA Singapore

“My second year was in miami, then i got an internship opportunity at Ogilvy – Sao Paulo, I finished my portfolio in New York and I did an agency lab in Paris.”
Sofía Arias
Art Director
Publicis 133 Lux

“I had the oppotunity in my first quarter to go to Ogilvy London, then after that experence, i was in Estocolm at Saatchi & Saatchi. The last 6 months I finished my portfolio in New York where I got an internship in RGA and they finally hired me!”
Álvaro Masa
Associate Creative Director
Ogilvy New York

Agency Internships at Miami Ad School

Gain practical experience working or as an intern in an agency in up to five different cities