The importance of Artificial Intelligence in advertising and digital marketing

Advances in technology in recent years have seen artificial intelligence become a beneficial tool for generating positive consumer experiences and increasing brand value. In this way, companies have had to incorporate technology into their businesses in a creative way to be at the forefront.

Usos de la inteligencia artificial en marketing

How does artificial intelligence influence the world of advertising and marketing?

For many years, the first thing we thought of when they told us “artificial intelligence” was science fiction films like “Blade Runner” (1982), “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) or “The Matrix” (1999). The truth is that, today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a palpable reality, and although it does not follow the fantasies of the seventh art, it has become a useful tool in many industries, including marketing and manufacturing. advertising.

Roughly, Artificial intelligence is a science that develops technological systems that can perform tasks that require human capacity. Through it it is possible to solve different types of problems, diagnose diseases and even recognize emotions. In this way, through these systems it is possible to save a lot of time and money, which is highly beneficial in terms of business.

In the marketing industry, Artificial intelligence is mainly used to collect data and information about customers and make automated decisions.. Through big data analysis, target audience information is automatically processed and helps marketing managers design strategies that favor return on investment (ROI).

Uses of artificial intelligence in marketing

Let's now look at some examples of artificial intelligence in advertising and marketing:

  • Consumer behavior. Artificial intelligence is capable of providing a company with deep information about its customers thanks to big data analysis and machine learning. In this way it is possible to personalize touch points or predict future customer behaviors, thus helping the marketing team to define which products to promote and which audiences to target.
  • The great benefit of this tool is undoubtedly that of interacting with users in real time. These programs imitate human interaction and allow an instant response to be given to the user at any time, every day of the year. This tool is mainly useful in service companies that receive simple queries at all times. In turn, with the responses obtained or the generation of forms, chatbots also manage to collect user information that can be used by the brand in the future.
  • Content generation. Several of the tasks of a person who works in marketing are usually repetitive and depend on manual control, but with the help of artificial intelligence it is possible to make this work effective. Although the starting point comes from human creativity, with the use of this technology it is possible to generate attractive content automatically and show it to the right audience on the most efficient platforms.

La inteligencia artificial en la creatividad publicitaria

Artificial intelligence in advertising creativity

Artificial intelligence is not only limited to data collection or the development of systems that facilitate the tasks of the marketing area, but it has also managed to be introduced into advertising agencies, which have incorporated it into the conceptual process of ideas. through the development of more powerful and efficient systems.

A fairly clear case that serves to exemplify the conjunction of creativity with artificial intelligence is that of the campaign for Nike's 50th anniversary titled “Seen It All,” carried out by one of the agencies where students work. from Miami Ad School: Wieden+Kennedy. The generation of ideas for this advertising campaign was carried out by artificial intelligence software that finally helped professionals to realize the idea..

Consequently, many industry experts claim that Advertising agencies must include in their staff professionals who understand the logic of artificial intelligence since without this it will be difficult to understand consumer behaviors and discover which are the most effective messages for the business to grow.

Why invest in AI?

As we have been mentioning, artificial intelligence is already conquering the world of marketing and advertising thanks to its resources and tools. The capacity of these programs allows us to optimize processes to attract and retain potential customers and increase the level of sales.

Now, what really are the benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to a company's marketing strategies? Let's look at some reasons why it is prudent to invest in this field:

  • Manage the business better through applications that allow you to manage calendars, call meetings, schedule trips and analyze team data, among others.
  • Automate campaigns on social networks, blogs or emails through personalized messages based on their behaviors, attitudes and preferences.
  • Analyze data constantly to determine the impact of campaigns and improve conversions thanks to tools that prepare detailed statistical reports.
  • Improve customer service through chatbots that imitate human behavior when answering queries that the client needs to resolve instantly.
  • Increase productivity and save costs through efficient systems that operate 24 hours a day that do not require a team of employees to be present.
  • Prevents risks and threats in cybersecurity that can affect a company's database through various methods that analyze suspicious activities.

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