Creativity & innovation Master

One-year master's degree in creativity, innovation and strategy in Madrid.

Starts in October

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Project by our students Miks Kristians Ozolins, Sofia Minoli and Alexandru Pasata.

Master in creativity and innovation

What will you learn in the creativity postgraduate course?

This master's degree in advertising creativity and innovation is conceived as a hybrid training year with a double degree in creativity and innovation. It combines training modules in creativity and design thinking & innovation strategy.

With this master's degree you will learn to conceptualize and download creative ideas and create a powerful creative portfolio. In addition, you will learn to sell your ideas strategically and to work agilely in highly innovative environments.

Why study the creativity & innovation Master?

The Creativity & Innovation Master was born from the need to train the hybrid creatives of the future, because we no longer understand creativity without innovation, because the new creativity and innovation must respond to the future challenges that arise in the present.

This master's degree is for you because you want to be the best trained creative and get a good job in the most cutting-edge creative companies, because you want to update and guide your career towards new horizons or because you want to work in the creative industry and you know that in Miami Ad School you will get the most prestigious training that will open the doors of the industry.

How long does it take and what are the start dates for the master's degree?

Our Master in Creativity and Innovation has a duration of 1 year of training + 6 months of internship in creative companies.

The period of on-site classes begins in October and ends in September with the delivery and presentation of the Creative Book.

Upon completion, the student has the possibility of doing up to 6 months of university internships in creative companies in the sector.

What does the Creativity & Innovation Postgraduate Program consist of?

This Master in Creativity and Innovation is conceived as a hybrid training year in creativity, strategy and innovation. It combines creativity training modules with classes in Design Thinking, innovation and strategic design. With this master you will learn to conceptualize and download creative ideas and create a powerful creative portfolio. In addition, you will learn to sell your ideas strategically and to work agilely in highly innovative environments.

What qualification do I get when I study the Creativity & Innovation Master?

You will get a double degree, the local Miami Ad School Master's Degree in Creativity and Innovation + UEMC's own University Degree in Creativity.

Who will be your professors in your innovation Master's program?

The best professionals in the advertising industry will be at your disposal.


Pedro Sattin

Associate Creative Director at DAVID Madrid

Carla Lucena

Carla Lucena

Independent Art Director and Illustrator


Álvaro López

Creative Director McCann

Manuel ridocci

Manuel Ridocci

Founder & Creative Director Studio Ridocci


Vicente Navarro

Co-founder& Manager Director Abracadabra

Carolina Rodríguez

Directora del Bootcamp - Strategy & Innovation at Soulsight

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Expert in Advertising Creativity

Once graduated, you have the possibility of doing up to 6 months of internships in Spanish agencies and companies thanks to our agreement with the European University Miguel de Cervantes, through which you can obtain the title of Expert in Advertising Creativity (as long as you have previously completed the internship and have an official university degree).

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How can I register for the Master in Art Direction?

Follow the next steps to complete your admission:

Step 1

Send us your information

Fill in the contract and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport. Download Contract –

Step 2

Choose your program and start date

If you change your mind later, you can easily change your registration.

Step 3

Enrollment is as creative as the course

Show us who you are and how you think as a creative. Share with us examples of things you have created, or develop one of our creative exercises that you will find in the Admissions section. Finally, schedule a meeting to go over all the details with your Admission Advisor.

Step 4

Review and submit

Make sure that all your information is correct and that you have paid the registration fee (300€), we will contact you soon!


How can we help you?

We are happy to answer all your questions and queries

Our admissions team loves chatting with people like you, answering questions, proposing solutions and guiding you toward your creative future. A consultant can help you figure out what's next in your creative adventure.

We can talk on the phone, video call or you can come and visit the school if you prefer.

One-year Master's Degree in Creativity and Innovation in Madrid

Give your creative career a boost with this postgraduate course

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Local Máster for Creativity and Innovation

Step 1 - Personal information

Fill in the contract and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport. Download Contract

tep 2 - Academic background

Send us a certificate of your last studies

Step 3 - Creative Test

Think about it: Nike, Google, Instagram, CocaCola... Brands talk to us every day from every possible platform. What if in addition to selling us products or services they were able to make our lives easier in some way? What if brands could be allies of our life, our problem, .... (Whatever!)?

Think of a brand that could solve a problem around you and how it would do it: through a new product, an APP, a service, an advertising campaign, or some other way?

 "How could __________ (the chosen brand) solve a problem for ___________ (chosen problem)?"

  1. Define the problem
  2. Think of a brand
  3. Come up with as many possible solutions as you can think of, name them and tell us about each one in a paragraph or two.

Send it to us in the format of your choice (PDF document, video, image, presentation...).

Step 4 - Personal interview

We want to get to know you better! You can come to the school for a face-to-face interview or do it via Skype if you are far away.

Step 5 - Book your place

We will provide you with all the bank details so that you can save yout spot. If you have any questions please call us at 917 540 375. Send us your data and all the materials here

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