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Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Enterprise

Why study Creative Enterprise?

This course is designed for students who already know the creative discipline, want to continue working in their creative portfolio and would like to develop the necessary skills to work in different creative industries: cinema, photography, journalism, advertising, graphic design, animation, illustration, CGI , fashion, design …

Do you think you have what it takes to be your own boss? Are you looking to secure a job as a professional creative? The Bachelor of Arts of Creative Enterprise is the perfect way to gain professional experience and learn the essential business skills to reach the top in the creative industry

What degree do I get and how long does it last?

Once the studies are finished, you will obtain the Portfolio Program Diploma in Art Direction or Copywriting from Miami Ad School and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Enterprise of Solent University. The program is divided into three years:

FIRST YEAR: you will learn the essential knowledge about creativity at the Miami Ad School Madrid.

SECOND YEAR: you will have the possibility to travel and continue training in any of the Miami Ad School schools or in any of the companies with which we have agreements internationally during one or two quarters.

THIRD YEAR: you will study in Southampton (UK) at Solent University, where you will complete the Creative Enterprise specialization.

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Where could you work?

This course enables you to work as a creative in advertising agencies, entrepreneur, account manager, creative director in different sectors, creative consultant, etc. You will have a creative portfolio of the highest level and the skills necessary to work in different creative industries: cinema, photography, journalism, advertising, graphic design, animation, illustration, fashion, design, etc. You will be able to work as a freelance, create your own business project and be your own boss.

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This program will prepare you to be a creative off-road. You will learn to manage Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign and Premiere), photography, video, web design, creative writing techniques, methods of generating and presenting ideas. It also includes work to develop essential marketing, finance and administration skills, as well as the popular Canvas Business Model technique. This ensures that students can manage the logistics and administrative aspects of their creative company.

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In both Miami Ad School and Solent University, we are committed to 100% practical training focused on the world of work. The degree in Creative Enterprise is offered within Solent Creatives, an internal agency where the student will develop his creative portfolio and his business, business and freelance skills while working with real companies and clients. It is the perfect preparation for employment or freelance work in all kinds of creative industries.

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