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Starts in: January | October

Máster en Copywriting Publicitario

A copywriter is a modern storyteller. A writer, an entertainer, a thinker, a brand building wizard... All in one.

If you like writing, playing with words, generating stories from concrete concepts... This is the program for you, where you will learn everything related to creative copywriting and copywriting.

Working alongside art directors, you will master the art of collaborative creativity, inventing new concepts to meet the communication needs of clients and users.

A Copywriter is in charge of writing advertising copy with the intention of generating emotions in consumers and conveying the client's message in the most creative and effective way possible.

What will you learn in the copywriting postgraduate course?

The copywriting course is practical and the class projects are real. You can even work on a real project for a brand and present your ideas to the client.

In this copywriting course you will have intensive weekly classes. where you will develop 100% of your potential guided by the best professionals in the advertising world. You will have a fresh and innovative creative portfolio that will allow you to work anywhere in the world.

The Copywriting course is focused on our students acquiring the necessary skills for tools needed to become excellent creative writers and write good stories, understanding the structure of the speech and the key elements to create impactful messages.

Their job is to think, imagine and explore within creative writing. Brainstorming ideas with an Art Director for advertising campaigns, websites, content marketing, spots, headlines, or any other media that helps solve a client's problems.


Your classes:

Internships around the world

The NoM.AD Program

After spending at least one year (4 quarters) at your base school, you can participate in the NoM.AD program. This program gives students the opportunity to work and learn in up to four other cities around the world.

Imagine having client meetings in Atlanta, a photo shoot in Tokyo or brainstorming in New York. You'll work on the front lines and build your global network of professional contacts. Each quarter, we release a list of available opportunities to students. It's your gateway to the industry.

Many agencies around the world participate each year in our program and most of them are located in cities such as:

International school of creativity

A network of schools present in 16 cities around the world.

Open your horizons by studying in up to five different cities around the world. Every city in which there is a Miami school has a special combination of people, places and energy. Simply choose where you want to experience with other creatives and students from around the world, we do the rest.

Who will be your teachers in the Copywriting program?

The best professionals in the advertising industry will be at your disposal.

alex sanchez

Alex Sánchez

Head of Social Media David Madrid


Ángela Pacheco

Creative Director El Ruso de Rocky

munia bilbao

Munia Bilbao

Creative Director en Sra. Rushmore


David Vijil

Creative Director BBDO Proximity

Germán Rivera_profeMAS

German Rivera

Senior Creative at LOLA MullenLowe


Nerea Cierco

Executive Creative Director DDB

Portfolio Review: Máster en redacción publicitaria

At the end of the program there is a Portfolio Review, where you will have the opportunity to show your portfolio to the most important creative directors in the industry and, the most exciting thing: listen to their feedback.
More than 30 agencies will come to a session where you will receive interviews and be able to showcase your creative advertising work.

Start of the Porfolio Program in Copywriting

Inicio: octubre | Límite inscripción: 10 de septiembre

How to apply?

Follow the next steps to complete your admission:

Step 1

Send us your information

Fill out the contract that you will find in the Admissions section and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport, and a certificate of your last studies.

Step 2

Choose your program and start date

If you change your mind later, you can easily change your registration.

Step 3

Enrollment is as creative as the course

Show us who you are and how you think as a creative. Share with us examples of things you have created, or develop one of our creative exercises that you will find in the Admissions section. Finally, schedule a meeting to go over all the details with your Admission Advisor.

Step 4

Review and submit

Make sure that all your information is correct and that you have paid the registration fee (300€), we will contact you soon!


How can we help you?

We are happy to answer all your questions and queries

Our admissions team loves chatting with people like you, answering questions, proposing solutions and guiding you toward your creative future. A consultant can help you figure out what's next in your creative adventure.

We can talk on the phone, video call or you can come and visit the school if you prefer.

Master in Copywriting and Advertising Writing in Madrid

Comienza tu carrera en redacción publicitaria con este curso de copywriter en Miami Ad School

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Portfolio program Copywriting

Step 1 - Personal information

Fill in the contract and send it together with a copy of your ID card or passport. Download Contract

tep 2 - Academic background

Send us a certificate of your last studies

Step 3 - Creative Test

Send us at least four examples of any creative expression made by yourself. The work can be photography, painting, advertising, storytelling, illustration, animation, sculpture, design, etc. We want to see what media you are comfortable working with. If you have an online portfolio, send us the link.
Write a story about a couple of grandparents. Let your imagination flow and bring these two characters to life in an original way.
Imagine an app that matches lost dogs with their owners. Name the app, tell us how it works and write the copy for the app's homepage and ads.

Step 4 - Personal interview

We want to know a little more about you, so we would like to have a personal interview with you, either at the school or by Skype. Decide what suits you best and we will arrange a day and time.

Step 5 - Book your place

We will provide you with all the bank details so that you can save yout spot. If you have any questions please call us at 917 540 375. Send us your data and all the materials here

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