Step 1 – Personal Information

Fill the contract and send it with a copy of your ID or Passport – Download document

Step 2 – Educational History

Provide the highest diploma you have achieved or the official transcripts from the school you last attended.

Step 3 – Creative exercises

Choose any of this exercises:

Creative Samples

We want to know who you are as a creative person. Please share four of the favorite things you have created. You can include: photography, advertising, illustrations, designs, poems, raps, paintings, comedy routines, sculptures, cards, games, videos, websites, short stories, comic strips…you get the idea!


Write a story about a grandparents couple. Remember the story doesn’t have to be true. Stories almost never are. Otherwise they would just be facts (500 maximum).

Brand Building

Imagine an app for reuniting owners with their missing pets. Name the app. Tell how it works and write the copy for the home page. Your idea should fit on one page.

Step 4 – Introduction Meeting

Schedule a time for your meeting. It can be done in person or over video chat. If you have a question, contact your admissions advisor.

Step 5 – Tuition

Once you start the admission process we will give you the bank account details so you can pay for tuition.

You can send your admission material here

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